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How the Law of Attraction Applies to Twin Flame Unions

Probably everyone has heard of “the law of attraction.” It means every thought we think, whether we express it or not, becomes a magnet to the experience that matches that thought. In other words, we get back what we give out.

Did you notice, I didn’t say that you can get exactly what you want to happen and with whom? That would imply we have free will and can make anything happen that we want, no matter how it affects anyone or anything else. Maybe you have had times it seemed you were in control and got exactly what you wanted to happen, but that was when it worked in everyone else’s favor also.

However, we can get the emotional feeling or experience that we want from anything that happens, all the time. With our thoughts and perceptions we can choose the experience we want, which attracts more of the same kind of experience.

When we first find out who our twin flame is, or we are in a physical relationship, we are thinking gobs of loving thoughts and get gobs of loving back.  But as the relationship progresses and the newness wears off, three things could happen with our thoughts…

1   We could let ourselves get lazy and slack off from thinking feel good thoughts. It’s so easy to put our minds on auto-pilot, paying very little attention to how we want to feel.

2   Or we could replace those feel good thoughts by trying to prove that we are right—or the opposite, that we are wrong. In other words, we want someone to feel bad for what happened or didn’t happen.

3   This is the best option of all! We could think feel good thoughts no matter what our twin flame says or doesn’t say, or does or doesn’t do. That’s unconditional love and when we give it, we get it back.


Being physically near our twin flame cannot survive long when we don’t care about how we feel or when we want our twin flame, ourselves, or both to feel bad for something that happened or didn’t happen. For an unconditional loving thought is a magnet for unconditional love.


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