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6 Ways “A Course in Miracles” Helps Twin Flames

I’m just like almost everyone else. I needed help with this all-consuming relationship. Once I discovered the term “twin flame,” I immediately went on the internet and found lots of resources. Everyone has their own experience and take on it.

Sometimes the information made me feel better. Sometimes it gave me clues to unravelling my own twin flame journey. Sometimes it confused me. And sometimes I couldn’t relate with the authors at all.

To this day, A Course in Miracles has given me more comforting “ahas” than any other resource on how to deal with the ups, downs, twists, and turns of my twin flame relationship.


Here’s Some Ways It Can Help You Manage Your Twin Flame Relationship…


A Course in Miracles…

1   Helps us get out of the FEAR.

The whole book is a course on how to redirect and train our mind away from fearful thoughts.


2   Guides us to rely more on GOD or a HIGHER POWER.

Our twin flame relationship gets a lot easier when we surrender to a Source that can solve any problem and resolve any conflict without sacrifice from anyone.


3   Shows us how to get rid of the EGO.

The ego is a term we use for self-importance, and being independent of others, including our twin flame. Therefore, all of our struggles in the relationship come from trying to stay separate and hang onto the ego.


4   Teaches us how to FORGIVE.

Without forgiveness, it is impossible to really love our twin flame, end the separation, and become one.


5   Helps us realize the enormous power of our THOUGHTS.

Many of us get in the pattern of chasing after or running from our twin flame. Instead, all we have to do to get immediate relief with any situation is replace our judging thoughts with loving thoughts.


6   Inspires us by describing a glimpse of the BIGGER PICTURE.     

It’s easy to lose perspective and get hung up in the intensity of the twin flame relationship, not taking into consideration the hundreds, if not thousands, of others who will benefit from the love of our twin flame union.


I only listed 6, but there are countless ways A Course in Miracles can make your twin flame journey easier and less painful.


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