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How to Push Your Twin Flame Away Even More

Maybe you have been with your Twin Flame and one of you ran. You could both acknowledge your relationship, but because circumstances are what they are—maybe you are with other people, or live in different cities, you have stayed apart. Or you might know who your twin flame is, but you still haven’t physically met.

No matter what the reason, you are not together. There are times you feel you are handling the separation well and then there are times you are absolutely miserable.


Here are Two Things You Can Do to Delay Your Union Even More…

1   It’s easy to start BLAMING OUR TWIN for the separation, especially if they are in denial, avoiding us, not into personal growth, or just clueless.

Here’s the problem with twin flames: Because we are one with our twin, on some level they can feel us JUDGING them, which repels them even more. What will bring them closer is loving them unconditionally no matter what they do, say, or where they are in life.


2  When we get afraid we’ll never be with our twin and we can’t stand it any longer, we can try to MAKE IT HAPPEN. You know, reaching out trying to beg, prod, sweet-talk, and nudge them into our arms.

How does this push our twin flame away more?  Well, TIMING is everything.

The best analogy I can think of is that we need to calm down and wait for the swell. If we don’t wait for the right wave, it either takes a lot of effort paddling and kicking like crazy and then we’ll never be able to catch it. Or we’ll find ourselves hurled in the undertow. But if we learn to wait for the swell, our paddling joins with a bigger flow, one that will take us easily all the way to the beach.

To have a wonderful relationship with our twin, it’s better to wait for the swell and not take action when we are lonely and afraid. If the timing is right, there is very little (if anything) we need to do to make it happen.


Blaming, judging and trying to make the relationship happen is exactly what we are learning NOT to do.  Remember, having a twin flame is all about learning to have faith, not letting what seems to be happening upset us, and loving without reservations.

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