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6 Reasons We Settle for Less

How many times have you settled for something inferior or not what you really wanted?

I remember wanting a blue bike so bad I couldn’t see straight, and not really knowing why. Then for some reason, I settled for a red one. Another time I forgot about the person I believed was my true heart’s desire because someone else came along who found me attractive.  I can think of six solid reasons why we compromise and settle for second-rate.

Why we Choose Mediocre…

When we…

  • Lack faith that we can get what we really want.
  • Get impatient and take the quick fix instead.
  • Start people pleasing and let someone talk us out of it.
  • Feel we don’t deserve what we really want.
  • Believe it’s not possible or that we have no chance of succeeding.
  • Want to stay in our comfort zone.

Did you notice, the 6 reasons all involved FEAR?  FEAR that we don’t really know what we want or that it won’t come into our lives at the right time. FEAR someone else knows better or that it’s out of our league. FEAR that it’s not logical to have what we want or having it will require us to change.

When we settle because we are afraid, we get less. When we wait for what we really want, we get amazing.


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