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The Difference Between Belonging and Fitting In

I read Brene Brown’s book Daring Greatly. She did a comparison between Belonging and Fitting In that I thought was an interesting concept.

Here are my thoughts on it….

  • To belong is being somewhere because it feels right. To fit in is being somewhere we know we should be.
  • To belong is to speak from our heart. To fit in is to say the socially acceptable thing.
  • To belong is to wear the clothes we absolutely love. To fit in is to wear what others are wearing.
  • To belong is to find acceptance in our individuality and uniqueness. To fit in is to gain approval for being like everyone else.

How many times have we tried fit in and were completely baffled as to why it was so unsatisfying?  Yet to feel good, all we have to do is have the courage to show up  exactly as we are.

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