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Top 10 Affirmations of a Chronic People Pleaser

Whether we realize it or not, an affirmation is any thought we think over and over. Doing affirmations essentially confirms a belief. So in essence every thought that has been adopted as a belief is an affirmation of some sort.

Affirmations or mantras have a reputation for being positive, but they can be NEGATIVE as is the case with a chronic people pleaser.

Here are 10 Affirmations of a Chronic, and Extreme People Pleaser…

  • Whatever I do is not good enough.
  • How people respond to me is important.
  • The harder I work for others, the more they will appreciate me.
  • It’s selfish to put myself above others.
  • It’s better to give, than to receive.
  • I am responsible for others’ happiness.
  • My priority is to not upset anyone.
  • It’s not who I am, but what I do and say that counts.
  • I always do more than my share.
  • I never have enough time.

When you look at these they seem silly. Yet a chronic people pleaser continually has these beliefs running through their heads. Because, “Every thought we think has an effect,” it progressively becomes harder and harder for people pleasers to navigate their lives.


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