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About Psychic Predictions with Your Twin Flame Relationship

This blog answers several questions that you might have about getting psychic help with understanding your twin flame relationship.


1   Can Psychics Confirm Our Twin Flame Relationship for Us?

Probably, the most asked questions psychics receive concerning relationships is,

“Are they my twin flame?”

Can psychics confirm it? Absolutely! But, there are some things you need to consider before you buy into whatever answer they tell you.

  • Just like everyone else, psychics have things to learn and issues to overcome, such as how to improve their intuitive abilities or end their people-pleasing tendencies.
  • Most of them have not experienced a twin flame relationship themselves.
  • They may not believe in the twin flame concept or have a different definition of it than you, which can make their answer a little biased.

The Problem with the Psychic’s Answer

Whether you get a NO, YES, or even a MAYBE answer, it doesn’t usually give us the lasting relief we were expecting. Sometimes our doubt appears as soon as the reading is over. Sometimes our doubt creeps back in gradually over a few days. Sometimes, but rarely, it takes over a week to rear its ugly head.

Nevertheless, when our doubt does surface, there is a tendency for us to reach out again to get another reading.

The Reasons the Answer Won’t Give Us Lasting Relief are…

  • No Matter What the Answer Is, it Will Usually Bring Up Some Fear. With a YES answer, we could be afraid we are not worthy of our twin flame or that the relationship won’t satisfy us. With a NO answer, we could be afraid we have been wrong all along or that a higher source is playing a cruel trick on us. With a MAYBE answer, we could be afraid we are wasting our time on the wrong person.
  • The Answer Doesn’t Guarantee a Happy Outcome. It’s how we are going to perceive the answer and what we are going to do with it that makes the difference—not the answer itself.
  • The Answer Doesn’t Usually Help Us do Our Inner Work. Finding our twin flame is only an itsy-bitsy part of the twin flame journey. Almost all of the relationship rewards come from really learning how to love ourselves and someone else unconditionally.
  • Being Absolutely Certain We Have Found Our Twin Flame is an Inside Job. We will have an undeniable feeling or a “knowing” that won’t go away no matter how hard we try to get rid of it. Nothing outside of ourselves can provide that for us.

The Solution

Psychics can be very helpful on our journey. But remember, real certainty if you have found your twin flame or not only comes from WITHIN. In the end, only you will know if that person is the “one.”

To get more clarity on whether you have found your twin or not, check out my Are You Unsure? Section or take this Still Unsure You Found Your Twin Flame QUIZ.


2   Can Psychics Predict When We Will Be with Our Twin Flame?

For most of us who attract twin flame relationships, one of our burning questions for the psychic is,

“When are we going to be with our twin flame?”

Here’s the Problem…

Even if the psychic is bold enough to give us a time frame, if we are genuinely in a twin flame relationship, it never seems to be accurate.

The Reason Why…

Psychics usually read the energy in the moment. For most people who have little desire to do inner work, and have repetitive thought patterns, it’s easier for psychics to forecast their future.

Because every thought we think has an effect on our lives, if we keep thinking the same thoughts over and over, we will get pretty much the same effects. That makes it easy for psychics to predict correctly.

Three Ways Twin Flames Make it Difficult for Psychics

  • For a twin flame, the thoughts bounce from ego-driven to love-driven quite often, which makes it harder for the psychic.
  • Twin flames are mentally and spiritually connected. Therefore, every thought each twin flame thinks can likely change the effects for both.
  • Another thing that makes it difficult for the psychic is that twin flames are constantly being prodded and pushed by a higher source (God, Higher Power, Spirit, Source, Divine, or any other term you want to use) into doing more and more inner work. That keeps the energy moving at a faster pace.


3   When Do We Need to Be Cautious About Twin Flame Predictions?

We all want to know when we will finally be in our twin flame’s arms for eternity. Most of us reach out to psychics or resort to the Internet for relationship predictions at least one time, if not constantly.

Here’s When to be Cautious About Twin Flame Predictions…

When we…

  • IGNORE OUR OWN INNER GUIDANCE OR INTUITION- Sometimes we dumb down our own psychic abilities and give more credibility to someone else.
  • RELY ON THE TIME FRAME- When it comes to twin flame relationships, I have yet to hear of a psychic prediction that could nail the time flame accurately.
  • USE ASTROLOGY AS AN EXCUSE- Astrological forecasts might cause us to put too much emphasis on our natal charts and what is written in the stars to navigate our relationship. We could neglect what we could do right now, in this moment.
  • PUT OUR INNER WORK ON HOLD- After getting a prediction, especially one with a time frame, there is a tendency for us to sit back and wait for it to happen.
  • TRY TO SKIP THE JOURNEY AND GO DIRECTLY TO THE PRIZE- Sometimes we want our twin flame so bad, we’ll put all our faith in predictions. The trouble with that is, we’re trying to skip the really good parts of the twin flame journey. The parts where we release our fears, guilt, and feeling unworthy, and learn how to unconditionally love someone so much it radiates out into the world.

Here’s the thing! Only you know if you are using psychic predictions as an excuse, or if you are trying to escape the twists and turns of the twin flame journey.


4   How to Get the Most from a Twin Flame Psychic or Tarot Reader

If you are in a twin flame relationship, you probably know that there are lots and lots of ups, downs, twists, and turns along the journey. Then there’s the constant breaking up and making up most of us experience.

To top that off, both individuals are experiencing continual external and internal changes. That causes almost all of us to have more uncertainty, confusion, and downright fear—enough for us to seek out psychics or tarot readers in getting clarity and direction.

The Problem

With that much ongoing change, we could easily spend a fortune on psychic and tarot readings trying to get insights. Or we could take on some of the responsibility and try to make the most of each reading.

Here’s How to Get the Most from a Psychic or Tarot Reading…

  • ABOUT NEEDING A QUICK FIX- There can be times we can let our thoughts go in such a negative direction that we work ourselves into a terrible spot and can even have an anxiety attack. Then to get some immediate relief, we rush to find anyone to give us a psychic or tarot reading as soon as possible. Waiting for readers that are more accurate and give us life-changing insights is not our top priority. Often the relief we get only lasts a couple of days, at most, or until our negative thought pattern starts up again. Instead, to get the most from our psychic or tarot reading we could try to slow down, take some deep breaths, and change our thoughts to something more positive. Doing positive affirmations works well to relieve us from the immediate fear. Then we can choose a reader using our intuition and what feels right, rather than who has an opening the soonest. A good sign we could make better use of the reading is if we have an urgency attached to scheduling it.
  • USE IT TO JUSTIFY WRONGDOINGS – We could have a tendency to want the psychic or tarot reading to validate our anger or to tell us how our twin flame feels guilty or terrible for what they did or didn’t do. That doesn’t help us learn how to forgive our twin flame or take responsibility for how we perceive the situation. To make the most of a psychic or tarot reading, ask the psychic to help you see your twin flame and the situation differently so you both can have peace with it.
  • WANT PSYCHICS TO MAKE DECISIONS FOR US- When we run to psychics to make our decisions, we are usually in a tizzy and afraid. To add to the difficulty, we often believe that if we make a wrong decision we will have grim circumstances to face. Relying on the reader to do the majority of our decision-making is also a good excuse not to take responsibility for our own choices. To make the most from a psychic or tarot reading, ask their advice but let your own intuition discern if it is the best path.
  • TO HAVE A DRIVEN AGENDA- This is more common than you might think. When our mind is biased toward what we want to hear or the way we want things to go in the relationship, we often block out any other information. To make the most of a psychic or tarot reading, take notes or record it. Read or listen to the reading over, and over, if needed, with an open mind. Try to really understand what the reader was conveying.


5   Does Your Twin Flame Coach or Psychic Make You Feel Worse?

There are a lot of coaches, and psychics out there, especially those not experiencing a twin flame relationship themselves, who could constantly make you feel beaten down. One time maybe, but if you feel worse most of the time, it probably isn’t helping you to have a happy outcome with your twin flame journey.

Here Are Some Signs You Might Want to Reconsider Hiring Them Again…

When they…

  • Make you feel you are doing or have done something wrong. Most twin flames are already hard enough on themselves without reinforcements.
  • Tell you your twin flame is doing or has done something wrong. If you even halfway believe what your coach or psychic told you, it makes it really hard to overlook what they said and unconditionally love your twin flame.
  • Become defensive and argue with you. You want someone you feel you can talk to about almost anything.
  • Leave you confused and feeling lousy. Your coach or psychic is supposed to give you insights to navigate this extremely difficult relationship, as well as energize and inspire you. Sometimes they may say things you don’t want to hear, but in a loving way.

Another Thing to Consider

You may have the habit of twisting things around to make yourself feel worse no matter who writes or says what. If so, reread or relisten to the materials, notes, or recordings to assist you in understanding where they’re coming from without that habitual negative filter. And, always use your own intuition or inner guide to get more clarity.


6   Is Your Psychic or Twin Flame Coach Urging You to Let Go?

Do you feel like something is “wrong” with you because you can’t detach from your twin flame? If your twin flame coach, psychic, or spiritual advisor is nudging you to let go or detach from your twin flame, read on.

About Psychics, Twin Flame Coaches, or Spiritual Advisors

  • Some, especially mainstream therapists and religious clergy, probably don’t even believe in the concept of twin flame relationships.
  • They might treat your relationship like an ordinary obsessive relationship where “normal” suggestions and therapies work well. With probably any other type of relationship, it can be done. But if you are in a true twin flame relationship, good luck with that. It’s like trying to let go of yourself.
  • Most don’t know that people who attract twin flame relationships have tried detaching, probably dozens of times in every way possible way—physically, mentally, and spiritually. The intensity of the twin flame energy can get so strong that twin flames will do anything to try to get away from it.

What Now?

1   Make sure you are really in a twin flame relationship and not in an ordinary obsessive relationship. Both can have similar effects on you, especially at the beginning of the relationship. Check out the Still Unsure QUIZ.

2   Really try with all your might to detach, and for more than a few days. Those who are stuck in an obsessive relationship won’t usually attempt detaching or they will half-ass it.

3   Pay attention to the sessions with your twin flame coach, psychic, or spiritual advisors. Are you starting to dread your sessions? Do you cringe when they tell you, that you need to “let go,” yet again? At the end of the sessions, do you feel worse? Or do you feel something is “wrong” with you for not being able to detach? Those are signs you might need to do something different.


Are You Ready to Try Something Else?

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