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How the 3rd and 4th Dimensions Define Karmic Relationships

In hunting around the Internet, I noticed all sorts of definitions of karmic relationships, but they probably all fall into either the 3rd or the 4th dimension mindset.

The 3rd Dimension Mindset About Karmic Relationships

The 3rd Dimension Definition

If one or both of the individuals have harmed the other in a previous life or lifetimes, they owe a karmic debt to the other one. Until this debt or obligation is paid off, it’s not time to move on.

It’s Guilt Based

Did you notice, that this definition centers around the concept of someone doing something wrong and the punishment that results from it? Because karmic relationships are difficult for both individuals, not only does the person who harmed need to be punished, but it ends up that the person who was harmed has to go through the pain also. It doesn’t sound like anyone benefits.

At the Root

Another point is that this 3rd dimension mindset definition is based on the following core belief:

We can hurt others and they can hurt us.

With this core belief, no one is responsible for their own mindset—thoughts and perceptions. And most of all, this core belief leads us to think that we can ignore our intuition trying to guide us away from the painful debt we think we have to endure. It is the belief that no one can escape that we are going to hurt others and they are going to hurt us.

The 4th Dimension Mindset About Karmic Relationships

The 4th Dimension Definition

When two individuals have had some kind of relationship with each other in a previous life, where their painful patterns and behaviors were strong enough to keep the love in the relationship from coming to light. The two are united again to continue where they left off to end the painful pattern—allowing the love to finally surface.

It’s Love Based

Having a karmic relationship is an opportunity to break the painful patterns and destructive behaviors—once and for all. Both individuals benefit once this is done.

A Brave Decision

The 4th dimension mindset definition centers around taking responsibility for our thoughts and perceptions, and following our own intuition with the relationship. It’s a bold decision that we no longer want ourselves or the other individual to feel guilty and need to suffer for it.


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