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Can You Manifest Your Twin Flame?

This blog is for those that are great at materializing things they desire or are “law of attraction” enthusiasts.

Out of all the people I have talked to in the last few years that were truly in a twin flame relationship, none of them thought they manifested their twin flame. It just happened without them actively working on bringing it about.

So, let’s get down to it. Can you manifest your twin flame? Highly unlikely. Maybe you can attract an absolutely amazing relationship. But probably not a twin flame relationship.

Reasons Why!

1   If you are wanting a twin flame, you are most likely coming from a mindset of not having one now. That means your thoughts tend to be focused on materializing something you lack or are in need of to feel complete.

The twin flame’s purpose is not to fulfill your needs, such as companionship. They appear for you to learn how to truly love them no matter what they do or say.

2   Your twin flame is not just anybody you can have an amazing relationship with. It is a relationship appointed by a higher source (God, Higher Power, inner guide, Universe, Spirit, Source, Divine, Angels, intuition, gut instincts, or any other way you want to identify it).

A Course in Miracles states,

“To each who walks this earth in seeming solitude is a savior given, whose special function here is to release him, and so to free himself.”

It also says,

“And each one finds his savior when he is ready to look upon the face of Christ, and see Him sinless.”

To me, this means that when each person is ready to really unconditionally love and completely accept another person, one is specifically appointed to us.

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