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How to Get the Most from Psychics in a Rapidly Changing World

Since Covid-19 began, our already fast-paced world immediately transformed into an extremely fast-paced world. Both external and internal changes are occurring continually, and sometimes several in a day. That has caused almost all of us to experience more uncertainty, confusion, and downright fear—enough for us to seek out help in getting clarity and direction.

The Problem

With this much change, we could easily spend a fortune on psychic readings. Or we could take on some of the responsibility and try to make the most of each reading.

Here’s How to Get the Most from a Psychic Reading…


Sometimes we can let our thoughts go in such a negative direction that we work ourselves into a horrible tizzy. Then we rush to get a psychic reading for relief. Many times, the relief we get only lasts a couple of days, if that, or until our negative thought pattern starts back up.

With needing a quick fix, to get the most from our psychic reading we could try to calm down and change our thoughts or at least wait until we aren’t so afraid. A good sign we could make better use of the reading, is if we have an urgency attached to scheduling it.


When we run to psychics to make our decisions, we are usually afraid and have gotten ourselves convinced that if we make a wrong choice we will have dire circumstances to face. This belief makes decision-making on our own extremely hard to do. It is also a good excuse not to take responsibility for our choice.

To make the most from a psychic reading, ask their advice but let your own intuition discern if it is the best path.


There is a tendency to want the psychic to support our anger or to tell us how others feel guilty or bad for what they did or didn’t do to us. That doesn’t help us learn how to forgive or take responsibility for how we perceive the situation.

To make the most of a reading, ask the psychic to help you see others and the situation differently so you can have peace with it.


This is more common than you might think. When our mind is biased towards what we want to hear or the way we want things to go, we often block out any other information.

To make the most of a reading, record it and listen to it again, and again, if needed, with an open mind. Try to really listen.

I don’t do psychic readings, but I do offer help with learning to use your intuition. Here are three ways…

1   Check out the How to Feel Worthy self-study course. It can help you change the mindset you have about yourself and the world around you, which allows your intuition to surface. For more details.

2   I have also just added intuition eBooks for three of the Myers-Briggs personality types.   

3   If you need more help using your intuition or inner guide, contact Vickie Champion for a complimentary coaching and consulting session.