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External Circumstances are Pushing Us to the 4th Dimension Mindset

Almost all of us are being pushed, and hard, by external circumstances. Some are pushed to the front lines, having opportunities to be heroes. Some are being pushed inside our homes. But most of us are being pushed in several ways at once—facing sickness, financial hardships, death of loved ones, being separated from others, difficult relationships in close quarters, changing the way we work, not getting supplies easily, having too much time on our hands, and hundreds of other possible challenges.

What We Have Control Of

Even though it appears like we are losing control of absolutely everything, the one thing we DO have control over is our mindset. We could waste this precious time trying to stay in the 3rd dimension mindset—afraid of change, scared of the future, worried sick, get angry at the behavior of ourselves or others, and essentially make this a horrifying experience for ourselves—or we could move upward!

The reason we are being pushed so hard is because we need something drastic to move us to the 4th dimension mindset.

Here’s the Difference in the 3rd & 4th Dimension Mindsets…


3rd Dimension

The 3rd dimension mindset tries to find security ONLY in items outside of themselves, such as masks, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, money, and guns. They place ALL their faith in materialistic items to save them from harm.

This mindset tends to rely SOLELY on people in authority such as political leaders, doctors, or scientists. Again, counting on someone outside of themselves to feel better.

4th Dimension

The 4th dimension mindset may use materialistic items, but people in this mindset put a lot MORE faith within using their inner guide or intuition to feel safe.

This mindset listens to people in authority but relies MORE on their inner guide or intuition for any situation they find themselves in.


3rd Dimension

The 3rd dimension mindset thinks they need to be in control of what’s happening to them, and what they and others do or don’t do.

4th Dimension

The 4th dimension mindset focuses on controlling their thoughts, perceptions, and feelings about what is happening. They try to see it as positive and trust that it is working in everyone’s favor, even if they don’t understand how right now.


3rd Dimension

The 3rd dimension mindset can easily get buried in negative emotions, such as being sad, fearful, angry, disappointed, and feeling hurt. They cast blame for their emotions on something that happened in the past or that is happening now or what someone did or is doing now. They believe the thoughts they are thinking have nothing to do with their emotions.

4th Dimension

The 4th dimension mindset knows the way they think has everything to do with their emotions. Feeling content, hopeful, inspired, grateful, and forgiving all begins with thoughts.


3rd Dimension

The 3rd dimension mindset relies heavily on physically doing things.  They often fill their days to the brim with things to physically do, such as moving from one place to another, striving to make more money, and doing things that really don’t need to be done. They even do things to take the anxiety away and relax themselves, such as eating, taking pills, drinking alcohol, smoking, or shopping.

4th Dimension

The 4th dimension mindset focuses more on mental doing relying on their thoughts, feelings, and inner guidance. This comes from mindfulness, meditation, prayer, being creative, and taking time for reflection. When they do take physical action it usually comes from following their inner guidance or intuition. There usually isn’t much anxiety when we are in this mindset.


3rd Dimension

With the 3rd dimension mindset, there is a tendency to rely on outside sources such as medical professionals, medicines, remedies, procedures, and proven research, to heal their bodies.

4th Dimension

The 4th dimension mindset knows that their thoughts and attitudes have a huge impact on their immune system, organs, bones, muscles, blood vessels, and whether the medicines and procedures will be effective. They can sense if outside help is even needed in the healing process.

The Problem

If we decide to try to stay in the 3rd dimension mindset, we’ll probably get an even harder push to move up.


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