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Listening & the 3rd Dimension

We are all in the process of moving out of the egos 3rd dimension. Some of us more than others.

The 3rd dimension is about having rigid beliefs in terms of about what is right and wrong, doing things to keep crazy busy, casting blame, being fearful, and not listening to our inner guide.


Here are some of the listening tendencies in the 3rd dimension…



When we are in the 3rd dimension, there is an overwhelming need to hold someone or something accountable. Therefore, we can tend to listen with the intention of deciding what is right and what is wrong.



When we are in the 3rd dimension, we constantly do things with the purpose of keeping busy. Attempting several things at once is common. Therefore, we can tend to listen with one ear. For example, we might watch TV while doing homework, or text while having a conversation with a friend.



When we are in the 3rd dimension, we have a tendency to let our anger and fear control our emotions. That’s why it is extremely hard to get someone to listen in the midst of expressing rage. Therefore, negative emotions block our ability to listen.



When we are in the 3rd dimension, we can tend to make ourselves and what happens in our lives our primary focus. Conversations can easily become one sided, with no attempt to listen. If we do happen to listen, we only think about how what is being said relates to us, or we take remarks personally and get offended.



When we are in the 3rd dimension, we have lots of seemingly uncontrollable thoughts, or constant chatter going through our minds. Most of the thoughts involve our to-do lists, rehashing past events, disagreeing with what’s going on, worry, and creating catastrophic scenarios. Often, the listener is thinking ahead of the talker, trying to anticipate what will be said.




A lot of us must be spending most of our listening time in the 3rd dimension. Why do you think the connection and clarity of wireless phones isn’t better? The ability to hear clearly is not in high demand.

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