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How to Win the Twin Flame Battle

The twin flame journey seems like a combination of the very best you have ever wanted and the worst you could have imagined. It’s a huge ongoing battle between your head (ego) and your heart (love), until inevitably your heart wins. We know Love conquers all. So until your ego raises the white flag and surrenders, the relationship can be extremely difficult to endure.

Some try to avoid or deny the battle hoping the ego will fizzle out on its own, not realizing that it may take several lifetimes for that to occur. Others decide not to take ownership for their part, and instead blame their twin for running away from the battleground.

Then there are some who decide to let Love lead the way. Even though the game plan seems to have lots of obstacles to conquer, they have faith they will be well equipped to overcome anything they need to face.


Here are Some Ways Love Can Equip You to Fight the Ego…

1   Make a Commitment. 

Accept the fact that your destiny is to win the war with your ego and unconditionally love your twin flame. No matter how much you avoid, deny, downplay, or resist, it will still be your mission. Sometimes making the “whatever it takes” commitment can be the hardest part of the battle.


2  Take Full Responsibility for Your Thoughts.

Every thought you think has an effect. So, if you send out more loving thoughts instead of thoughts based on your ego, it changes the advantage. Think of them like cupid’s arrows, with the power to transform anything to love.


3  Change your Perception.

You and your twin are ONE. Only the ego can make you believe that you are separate and can go in different directions.


4   Call in the General.

Whenever the ego seems to be knocking you to the ground and making you judge yourself, your twin or the situation, stop and ask your leader, Love, what to do. Ask and ye shall receive. You can get out of any jam with Love, even in the midst of a full blown battle.


Once you go into the battle well equipped with Love leading the way, you’ll find the ego is not so intimidating and as powerful as you thought. And with each victory it gets easier to keep moving forward until Love has won.

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