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Promises in a Twin Flame Relationship

Why is it hard to make promises to your twin and actually keep them? There is a simple answer. You can’t take a twin flame relationship and fit it into a 3rd dimension mindset. It just won’t work. Here’s why…

Reasons for Promises

1   The 3rd dimension mindset can make promises in an effort to feel SECURE in their relationship, especially “forever” promises. Because twin flame’s minds are connected, all one twin has to do is be aware of their own “FEELINGS” about the relationship to recognize their twin feels the same.


2   The 3rd dimension consciousness can make promises to try to alleviate FEAR. Fear only appears when you are thinking about things in the future, or things in the past, believing they will happen again. Twin flames quickly learn to stay in the PRESENT where fear cannot exist.


3   The 3rd dimension mindset can make promises hoping to CONTROL behaviors, yours or your twins. Twin flame relationships focus very little, if any, attention on who’s doing what. It’s all about LOVING, FORGIVING, and ACCEPTING in spite of what’s happening.


4   In the 3rd dimension consciousness, promises can easily put you on AUTO-PILOT causing you to IGNORE your thoughts, feelings and insights. A twin flame relationship is the opposite. It ENHANCES your intuition, sensitivity, and opens up a new world.


5  In the 3rd dimension mindset, promises can easily cause COMPROMISE and SACRIFICE. The focus is keeping the promise, no matter what you have to do or how miserable you are. Because everything is INTENSIFIED with twin flames, feeling miserable becomes absolutely unbearable.


Here it is as simple as I can put it. The only way making promises will work in a twin flame relationship is if a Higher Power or God specifically instructs you to do so.


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