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How Daydreams Sabotage a Twin Flame Relationship

Everybody probably at one time or another has fantasized about a romantic relationship. Daydreaming is a quick fix, in other words, thinking that romance will be just the way you want and it is around the corner. We long for a companion who understands us and responds to our every need.

Here’s the problem.

Daydreaming locks us into trying to control how our twin acts and what’s going to happen according to our imagined fantasy. Maybe you can get some relationships to look like your storybook romance, but not with a twin flame.

In fact, daydreaming can be the very thing that causes us enormous pain and delays us from that glorious day we unite with our twin. We are so busy trying to control what our relationship should be like, what our twin should say and do, and what should happen, that we completely forget the real purpose of having a twin flame.

Twin flame relationships are all about learning to forgive, accept, and unconditionally love. So, it would make sense that everything that we wouldn’t even think of daydreaming about, is going to happen.

To feel better, instead of getting lost in daydreams that waste time and cause disappointment, take a different approach. Ask a Higher Power or God how to truly love your twin, and how to really accept that much love back.

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