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5 Ways to Make a Twin Flame Relationship Easier

Meeting your twin is only part of it, being able to handle the intensity and looking head on at your ego is another thing. The purpose of having a twin flame is to go through a crash course in releasing the ego for eternity. No easy feat!

Here are Some Suggestions to Make Your Twin Flame Union Easier…

1   Throw the paradigm of romantic relationships out the window. A twin flame union won’t be like any relationship you have ever had before or be like hardly any other relationships in the world. You’re probably one in 100,000, if that. I also highly doubt it will be the same as other twin flame unions. Twin flames connect to be an example of a new way to love and way more than a story book romance.


2   Think of the relationship as a huge inner adventure that can’t be escaped, only mastered. Every day there will be new things to explore, different paths to follow, lots of twists and turns, and demons to conquer.


3   Get used to lots of spiritual experiences. You will be exposed to everything that will help you release your ego and act only out of unconditional love. This could be signs from the universe, telepathy, psychic abilities, recalling past lives, astro projection, or even anything that seems impossible.


4   Learn to go within and pay attention to the “feeling.” No matter what’s happening in your relationship, or what your twin is doing or saying, stay focused on the “feeling” moment by moment. If it feels like fear or some of the lower energies, send your twin unconditional love to transform it. If it feels like love or some of the higher energies, bask in it as long as you can.


5   With the relationship, start heavily relying on God (Source, Spirit, Inner Guide, Universe or anything else you want to call it). That Higher Power is the only thing that can make this adventure easier, end the fear and take you to a place that very few humans have ever gone. All you have to do is ask, listen, and follow through when directed to do so.


Good news!

Whether you have been in an active twin flame union for years, are separated, or haven’t even met them in person yet, these five things will help make this adventure absolutely amazing.


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