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How are Twin Flames, Soul Mates, & Obsessive Relationships the Same?

Everyone talks about the many differences. Twin Flames are supposed to be the union that helps mankind. Soul Mate relationships are usually known for deep connections between two people that have similar mindsets. And Obsessive Relationships are usually thought of as one sided, where feelings of infatuation become extreme.

But, What Do They Have in Common?

The purpose.

All relationships, no matter what form they come in, are for us to learn how to unconditionally love the other person no matter what they say or do.

Don’t get me wrong!

That doesn’t mean we have to stay in a relationship that isn’t working or even talk to our partner again. But, it does mean that we stop judging them long enough to see another perspective, open our hearts, and love them in spite of it.

We are here, not to find love, but to learn how to give it.


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