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19 Signs Your Inability to Say NO has Gotten Out of Hand?

Everyone says an occasional YES when they really wanted to say NO. This list, however, is for those of us who have allowed our inability to say NO compromise our mental health, relationships, work, finances and our bodies.

Here are some Signs it’s Time to Learn How to Say NO… 

When you…

  • Feel guilty if you say no.
  • Usually work into the wee hours to make a deadline.
  • Put saying yes on auto-pilot.
  • Can’t remember when you turned someone down.
  • Think saying NO is selfish.
  • Find yourself squeezing things into your schedule and always running a little behind.
  • Gain weight and get physically ill from overpromising.
  • Apologize several times a day.
  • Say YES for the sole purpose of not ruffling feathers.
  • Can say your greatest fears are rejection and being selfish.
  • Secretly, feel you are being used.
  • Neglect self-care to fit something else into your schedule or give the extra money saved to someone else.
  • Often feel exhausted.
  • Are extremely uncomfortable with free time or extra money.
  • Volunteer for several things at once.
  • No matter how much you “do” you still don’t feel you are good enough.
  • It hurts your feelings when others don’t appreciate your efforts.
  • Try to stuff down your  feelings, desires and dreams.
  • Have loved ones suggest therapy or hiring a life coach.

See my entire People Pleasing section.  If you need more advice on ways to say no, contact Vickie Champion for a discovery coaching and consulting session.