Twin Flame Course Testimonials

Here are Several More Twin Flame Course Testimonials

“Vickie’s Twin Flame course, coupled with the audio files, have really helped me understand the nature of the TF connection and how to navigate it from the right place (which is NOT the 3D…).” 

Lucy B., Santa Fe, NM.

“I found Vickie at a time when I was searching for answers and could not find them. The Twin Flame Course was an answer to my prayers. It provided insight in which no other counselor, teacher, workshop, workbook, or website could answer.” 

Christi R., Washington D.C.     

“Having worked with coaches and after watching, reading and listening to tons of material on the phenomenon, left me in a situation where I had reached a dead end. The course offered me simple, yet powerful tools to understand the nature of my connection to my Twin Flame, and how to navigate the emotional ups and downs of the journey, along with my doubts, fears, and general negative thinking that prevented me from coming into a state of Inner Union.”

George V., Greece

“The missing piece has always been finding clear instruction on how to balance and maneuver WITHIN the twin flame relationship. Vickie’s guidance is invaluable because the relationship is definitely not the average boy meets girl scenario. In addition to having its own unique issues and hurdles, the twin flame journey also involves complicated topics like spirituality, unconditional love, unconscious thought patterns and telepathy.”   

Kathy C., San Antonio, TX

“The twin flame course was for me, very uplifting. It gave me the chance to think of and answer the real questions in my life that will help me embrace true love and acceptance.” 

Nick VDW, South Africa

“The exercises are well placed and very useful. I really like how Vickie has given so much information in each chapter. Very much recommend this course.” 

M. D., Los Angeles, CA

“I found the twin flame course well plotted out, enjoyable to read through, and very insightful.”

Leah M., Great Britain

“I’ve been listening to your meditations again. They are very high quality. I think a person has to be ready.” 

Lisa T., Seattle, WA

“Vickie helped me tremendously in feeling better about the separation with my twin. When I first contacted Vickie, I was in excruciating anguish over the separation. I wasn’t sleeping, I was angry and jealous and felt completely rejected; my mind was constantly repeating the same negative thoughts. I had no idea how to move past this agony. I spoke to Vickie and purchased her Twin Flames course. I started to study it and began to get some clarity on the subject. Vickie and I spoke weekly; she guided me through understanding the course and put things in perspective for me. Now, several months later, I feel at peace with how things are at the present and I wish my twin well on his journey. I could not have gotten to this feeling without Vickie.”

Jennifer G., New Jersey

“I’ve started to practice these principles and experiencing wonderful results. Right after I completed your course, my twin contacted me after a 6-week hiatus (I no longer use the term “separation” since in truth we never really are). We’re now in constant communication and I’m focusing on the day-to-day and loving both myself and him unconditionally.”   

Michelle M., Sacramento, CA

“If you are considering purchasing a very down to earth program that is effective, practical and can be used for a lifetime, I recommend this purchase.”

Bonnie M., IN

“I just finished your self study course on twin flames. It was amazing. It really helped me get past my own blockages and just be at peace.” 

Leticia, San Francisco, CA.

“I have been thoroughly enjoying the course I ordered from you and it’s definitely been intense and sometimes challenging work. In just a few weeks I have gained such an understanding about what’s been going on in my life and it feels good to be enlightened. I am currently working on module 9 and I think this one has been the most triggering one so far. I recognized every pattern in my focusing on my uniqueness and his. The comparison, the judging, the opinions, the expectations of how he should act, speak or just live. It all applies to me and what I have done for years.” 

Anna J., Georgia

“I had progressed quite far on my twin flame journey, when I encountered an unexpected dip. That’s when I came around Vickie’s guide to have a happy outcome. It’s written in a clear way and easily comprehendible (especially for a non-native speaker such as myself). I was quite impressed how Vickie manages to address all the issues I had, I almost felt like having a conversation. It made me feel understood so well and I could overcome many wobbles. The guide gave me both clarity and stability. I also got a much deeper understanding of the different dimensions. The structure of the guide is intended to get you from your first step to the goal. You just follow and you basically can’t miss it.”

Anka R., Germany

“I’ve read through the whole course now and started with some of the meditations. I really like that the meditations are quite short and I think the wording of those and of the pdf document is excellent. The concepts are pretty hard to put into words at times but I think you’ve done a great job and once again I’m very grateful for this.” 

Louise L., United Kingdom

“My TF came into my life 1 year ago and I was so burned out since it was VERY challenging. We need a completely different “Mindset” to go on this journey!!! Not only Vickie’s experienced wisdom and tools were all eye opening and helped me a lot to navigate this very challenging journey with at ease, but also gave me an opportunity for me to go deep within and shift no longer serves me as my personal development.” 

Eriko O., Orlando, FL

“At this point I am feeling liberated and relieved – there is finally a better path for me to navigate a better and healthier way for me to live. From the one-on-one conversations that I had with Vickie and from reading her Twin Flame Course, a shift has been taking place! From her strength and wisdom, she’s been guiding me to find my own within, and to place my faith in unconditional love rather than fearful thoughts.”

Rory S., Los Angeles, CA

“I recently completed the Twin Flame course and wanted to share how helpful I feel that this has been for me.  First, let me say that it is for anyone that desires to move any of their relationships into a much higher and meaningful place.  There may be someone who you feel is your twin flame, and if so, then this course is essential.  If not, this is the path to get you ready for the depth that this sort of relationship will bring.”   

Mike K., St. Louis, MO.

“I purchased your book on Twin Flames, “Twin Flame Self-Study Course,” and WOW!! I started reading it, thinking it would be a quick and easy read to go through…and nope! I couldn’t put it down, but I kept going through it answering questions in my mind with the intention of returning to it later. I’m almost done with it now, but there’s so many great questions that I will be returning to the beginning once I’m done to really ponder and dig deeper.” 

Brittany B., Houston, TX

“If you are looking to gain a more thorough understanding of what you’re feeling and your journey, this course is exactly what you need! Even though the content is very deep, the examples really help you to firmly grasp the concepts in a way that is very relatable and easy to understand. There is so much comfort in knowing that Vickie fully knows and feels what you are experiencing and is sharing her profound wisdom through her teaching of this course. The course is something I refer to often.” 

Lynn S., Harrisburg, PA.

“So much clarity.  Even helping balance and ground my thinking as well as seeing my blind spots in the fear I operate in at times.”

Jon J., Houston, TX