More Twin Flame Testimonials

“From her strength and wisdom, she’s been guiding me to find my own within, and to place my faith in unconditional love rather than fearful thoughts.”

Rory S., Los Angeles, CA

“Our sessions helped me to understand why I felt so anxious, and confused. I’m utilizing the suggestions you offered, and feel reconnected to my soul’s purpose.”

Steve D., Hawaii      

“Around two years ago, I called Vickie for a twin flame consult. She told me exactly what I needed to hear and opened my eyes to my worth. She said I only needed one session, if I listened to her advise and she was so right! I have grown so much and am much happier now. I just wanted to leave a thank you note and remind her how special her work is.”

Danielle B., Los Angeles, CA     

“Before finding Vickie I had trouble navigating through my experience in life and my twin flame journey. Connecting with her has helped me find answers to questions I didn’t know I was asking, and has provided me deep insight into transcending through multiple layers that were holding me back. Vickie has not only lead me closer to understanding a meaningful existence, but in truly finding and fulfilling my own purpose.”

Michelle A., Toronto, Canada 

“The twin flame coaching sessions take the Twin Flame Course to the next level. They offer me a way to visualize the course work, so much, that I count the days and minutes to the next session.”

Christi R., Washington D.C.

“Your advice hasn’t been what I wanted to hear in the past, but I realize now, it is what I NEEDED to hear for my twin flame journey. Thank you for everything. for your support, love, understanding, and the work that you are doing.”

Amos A., Louisiana 

“Vickie has a way to help you answer your own questions by following your own inner guidance, learning to trust yourself while not leading you astray.  Her approach and nature is honest, sincere and unique.  Talking with her helped me realize how much I was in my head more than realized and trying to “try so hard” to make things “right, or better” when all I have to do is be and allow. I feel more at peace within myself and connected with my person more peacefully as well.  I am allowing myself to trust in God Source Energy and believe with faith for the first time in a long while.

Ericka C., Harrisburg, PA

“Vickie brings a genuine and personal connection to her work, allowing me to feel heard, understood, and in good hands with her guidance.  Her support has been a saving grace to me on this wild twin flame journey…  I felt like I was lost in a crazy sea of emotions and my entire world turned upside down. It is a gift to talk to someone who truly understands and can remind me, time and again, to get out of the ego self and into the God space, knowing it is the only way to navigate this beautiful gift.”

Lucy B., Santa Fe, NM  

“Coaching with Vickie is giving my life the restoration it has needed for a long time. The twin flame path is not easy but Vickie’s practical, divinely guided approach is helping me to finally achieve more clarity and balance within the dynamic. She gives precisely the right balance of nurturing and nudging. I’m making conscious moves I would not have imagined before our sessions. I’m much more excited and motivated on this twin flame journey thanks to Vickie’s “spiritual bootcamp” coaching!”

Michelle M., Sacramento, CA

“My best advice is, if you’re contemplating twin flame coaching with Vickie, don’t hesitate. Give yourself a gift by booking that initial call. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted after our very first conversation. I feel so blessed to have been connected with Vickie. She is wise, compassionate, and understanding. Her experience is priceless. You will learn more about yourself and your journey than you had ever imagined. Be prepared to expand your world infinitely.”

Lynn S., Harrisburg, PA 

“I’ve been dedicated to Vickie’s work for a month now, in both twin flame coaching and the course study. The changes happening in my life and those around me are astonishing. Thank you Vickie for creating a program that brings the Truth to Light… and sets the stage for miracles when you apply the material with determination and love.”

E Smith, Boulder, CO

I am a widow of 2 yrs. and was adjusting nicely to life when my Twin flame journey began. I had no idea what was happening to me but suddenly I was consumed, obsessed and unable to focus on my life. I found Vickie and during our initial consultation I knew I had made the right choice. Working with Vickie, studying  her course and her insight has taught me to follow my intuition, stay on my new path and to embrace the Devine changes in my life.

Patricia W., Albany, NY