More Life Coaching Testimonials

“Even our first coaching sessions provided immediate benefits.  Yet as time has passed, the benefits continue to accrue, like compound interest at the bank.  My life isn’t a hundred times better, it’s a thousand times better.”

Aileen Ryan, Milford, NJ 

“I’ve had the good fortune of being a coaching client of Vickie Champion since 2002. I value her no-nonsense approach; and the wisdom and insight that she weaves into her sessions has helped me dramatically in every area of my life.”

Kathy Maguire, Scottsdale, AZ  

“Vickie has a true talent for bringing out your personal and professional best. She remains focused on her clients and their growth and it shows in everything she does. She helps bring reality and your dreams into alignment, allowing you to release frustration and fear.”

Kathy Church, San Antonio, TX    

“Vickie has helped me discover who I truly am by eliminating the false beliefs that were previously holding me back. She taught me how to shift my thought patterns and habits so I can be more successful in both business and life. Her compassion, patience and intuition are remarkable!”

Mindi Bear, Phoenix, AZ  

“When I first began working with Vickie, I was running on empty – daily headaches, creative frustration and a serious lack of joy in my life. She has a knack for discerning when you are being too hard on yourself and when you’re making excuses. This, coupled with her practical methods, helped me find focus and stretch myself at work and take care of my health issues. I also started to laugh again and enjoy the journey.”

Sonja Haller, Chandler, AZ

“Vickie Champion has been my life coach off and on for the past 23 years. She has helped me move past the fears and the anxiety I used to suffer on a daily basis. I am so much happier. I would highly recommend her as a life coach to anyone wanting to achieve a better quality of life, greater happiness and the attainment of their goals. She is amazing – what more can I say!”

Kelly Loeffler, Gilbert, AZ 

”When I started working with Vickie, my life was consumed with negative thoughts.  Vickie showed me a different way of thinking and living through her focus on positivity and daily affirmations that have helped me succeed in my career and personal life.”

Frank Spataro, Brooklyn, NY  

“Vickie Champion has a gift for helping people to tap into their intuition and free themselves from the fear and self-imposed limitations that keep them from success. This just may well be the best investment you’ll ever make in yourself.”

Diane Bolden, Phoenix, AZ

“I have benefited in countless ways from the wise consul, insight and kick-in-the-butt prodding from attending Vickie Champion’s classes and having her as my coach. She has guided me to stay true to my intuition even when my overly logical mind says to do otherwise.”

Jo Anne Musolf, Phoenix, AZ

“From her strength and wisdom, she’s been guiding me to find my own within, and to place my faith in unconditional love rather than fearful thoughts.”

Rory S., Los Angeles, CA

“Engaging Vickie has been one of the best decisions I could have made to focus my efforts. Vickie is directly responsible for helping me identify my strengths and use them to generate income and satisfaction.I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone looking to grow personally, professionally, or financially.”

Ketan Patel, Scottsdale, AZ

“Vickie Champion has not only managed to guide me through identifying what it is that I actually want in life, but most importantly she possesses a rare ability to get you to turn your own vision into reality. One of the qualities that I respect most about Vickie is that she knows when to nurture and when to give tough love, God knows we all need both at various times!”

Rosemarie Loyle, Smyrna, GA 

“I first began coaching with Vickie when I was feeling lost and confused in life. I felt rejected and not good enough over a recently ended relationship, and I was in a job that has become stagnant and unfulfilling.  I just didn’t know how to climb out of my deep despair, or how to change anything in my life.  Vickie helped me week after week to put things in perspective; speaking with her brought me a feeling of peace and clarity about my situation.  Now, after a few months, I feel confident and easy and good enough and just happy! I also changed careers, and my new job is just perfect for me!”

Jennifer G. New Jersey

“Vickie is very intuitive and listens and then gives instructions which always seem to help. One of the first things I told Vickie was that if I didn’t see results (relatively quickly) I would lose interest and stop the coaching calls (but that didn’t scare her). After a couple of sessions – where I would literally dread answering her call (her instructions are usually simple, but often not easy to face your past and present bad habits) – but I put my big boy pants on and took every one of her calls. Then “IT” happened, literally about 6 calls in I noticed numerous major shifts in my thinking and subsequent actions – it was like the sky opened up and you could see the sun again. Needless to say, I now welcome our sessions, and I look forward to see what the future will bring.”

Kevin D., Brooklyn, NY.  

“The personal and professional growth I’ve encountered since working with Vickie is immeasurable.  After one year, I’m pursuing my dreams, and leading a fulfilled, happy life.”

Nicole Mabante, Phoenix, AZ