Worthy Course Testimonials

Here Are a Few More Feel Worthy Course Testimonials

“The Worthiness Course has been so helpful for me.  I realized very quickly that a lack of worth can sneak into any situation and that it really is something in my head.  It’s not personal at all.  When we remember who we truly are, we feel our natural worthiness.  When we are believing something else about ourselves, all the doubt and lack of worth are there as our experience.  This course gives you the tools to remember!”

Mike K., St Louis, MO

“Vickie, I cannot tell you how insanely amazing the past three days have been since I talked to you on the phone and purchased your Feeling Worthy Course. My life is literally changing before my eyes and I am experiencing the most amazing things with my twin flame. I am filled with so much excitement, love, joy, and peace. I feel guided by a higher power.”

Amos A., Louisiana     

“If you want to further your journey in improving your inner self, this “Worthy” course is your go-to tool. It’s easy to follow and understand and gives you all the best information to move to a higher level of living with love in your life.”

Julia D., Kansas City, MO    

“The Feel Worthy Course has helped me immensely. Before, I was always on-edge, and constantly thinking I need to make things happen. This course allowed me to feel the freedom and gave me the sense of relief that comes with letting go of the 3rd dimension mindset. It opened up the ways for me to feel alive, joyful, and excited again.”

Becca O., Los Angeles, CA

“Vickie’s worthiness course helped me see so many fundamental truths. All pointing at the fact that worthiness is not something that is earned or decided by any source outside of oneself. I acquired so many useful tools in the course for myself and my clients, learning how to get rooted in a dimension beyond fear. I have a feeling that I will refer back to this course again and again for a long time to come.”

Halley M., Sacramento, CA

“I found her How to Feel Worthy Course with the MP4s so very helpful. Her approach is gentle/soothing, and fosters confidence because she hits the nail on the head (worrying about outcomes too much/how no time is wasted on finding our inner guidance/how to love ourselves more by trusting ourselves more).”

Barbara O., Eugene, OR.