Twin Flame Telepathy eBook

Does This Describe You?

Are you still unsure whether you have found your twin flame or not?

Are you in the runner/chaser phases and experiencing times of extreme loneliness?

Does your relationship get confusing at times, especially when you get contradictory information from your twin flame’s actions?

Are you tired of being in the dark every time an issue arises with your twin flame?

 If One or More of These Describes Your Relationship, this eBook is for You!

Twin Flame Telepathy

Improve Your Ability to Sense Your Twin Flame’s Thoughts & Emotions

This is an eBook in a PDF file for those who think they are experiencing a twin flame relationship and desire a deeper connection. It covers explanations, examples, and gives you tips on how to sense your twin flame’s messages more often.

Here’s Some of What You Get

You’ll find out…

1   The Definition of Telepathy and More

2   Benefits of Using Telepathy with Twin Flame Relationships

3   What Blocks Twin Flame Telepathy

4   Two Ways of Sensing Thoughts and Emotions

5   More to Explore About Telepathy

6   How to Improve Your Telepathic Receiving Mode

7   How to Clarify Thoughts and Emotions

8   How to React to Your Twin Flame’s Telepathic Messages

9   Sending Telepathic Messages and Having Conversations

“The Twin Flame Telepathy book is a wealth of information! It is bursting with Vickie’s signature way of combining learning and easily relatable examples, and infused with a warmth only attainable from someone who truly understands. This book is something you will want to keep referring to over and over. A truly enjoyable read, she makes it easy for anyone to learn without feeling overwhelmed. I recommend the Twin Flame Telepathy book for anyone on this whirlwind of a journey looking for insight, understanding, and connection.”

Lynn S., Harrisburg, PA.

About Vickie Champion

I have been a life coach for over 20 years, showing my clients how to trust their intuition or inner guide (God, or any other term you would like to use for it) with their relationships, and with just about anything else.

Twin Flame 

In late 2011, I started feeling an intense connection with someone, and four months later, I was told who it was. I proceeded to spend the next 2½ years being bombarded with woo-woo and spiritual experiences, all the while thinking I had gone over the deep end and was absolutely crazy. I tried desperately to get rid of the connection with this woman. No matter what spiritual principles I used, I couldn’t shake this relationship off.

When I finally stopped fighting my relationship with her, I started feeling better. I began receiving lots of “aha moments” and guidance on how to navigate and understand the twin flame relationship.


For most of my life, I have been able to sense the thoughts and emotions of others. But when I became aware of my twin flame, it increased to a new level.

“Your eBook gave me more information about telepathy between twin flames than I have ever read before.”

Virve S., Finland

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