ISFJ Intuition eBook

Does This Describe You?

Do You Seem to be Crazy Busy All the Time?

Are You Constantly Worrying About Something?

Do You Enjoy Routines?

Are You Fond of Traditions and the Past?

Maybe You Have a Really Difficult Time with Change.


Learn a Way to Take Advantage of Your Intuition that Utilizes Who You Are.

ISFJ Intuition eBook

How ISFJ Personality Types Can Use Their Intuition or Inner Guide


“I am an ISFJ personality type and Vickie Champion totally hit the nail on the head for me. I learned things about myself that I didn’t previously know. Reading her eBook, I came across several sentences where I had to say to myself ‘that’s me exactly’! I think the information that struck me the most was the section on how I am an introvert and prefer to do activities alone because if I’m with another person or group, I feel like I’m the caretaker and I’m not able to relax.”

Kelly L. Phoenix, AZ.

Who Would Benefit from the ISFJ Intuition or Inner Guide eBook

If you want an easier way to tap into (God, intuition, or any other term you want to use for a higher source) that can give you…

  • A resolution to any problem that you have.
  • An understanding of something you didn’t know before—like a second of clarity.
  • Visions or snapshots of what will happen.

Or if you want to…

  • Stop your constant worrying.
  • Relieve pressure and the feeling of being trapped.
  • Become less pessimistic.
  • Accept changes easier.
  • Break painful patterns, like people pleasing.

The Reliable Caretaker

About the ISFJ Intuition eBook

This is a PDF file that reveals to those who identify with an ISFJ personality type how to access their intuition or inner guidance on a steady basis. It uses who you are and how you function to increase your ability to utilize insights from that higher source.

Here’s Some of What You Get

You’ll find out…

1  The benefits of using your intuition or inner guide more often.

2  How to accept life’s changes easier, have less worry, and feel less pressure.

3  How ISFJs can relax, why it is so important, and different ways to do it without changing who you are.

4  Ways ISFJs receive their intuition or inner guidance.

5   How to be aware of when you are receiving your intuition or inner guidance and when you are not.

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