INFJ Intuition eBook

Does This Describe You?

Are you always looking for patterns and trying to connect the pieces to a bigger picture?

Does it feel like you are on a constant adventure of personal growth and self-improvement?

Are you a deep thinker who wishes you could shut off your mind at times—even for a minute?

Do you crave deep meaningful connections with others?

Maybe you want to end doubting yourself so much.


Learn a Way to Take Advantage of Your Intuition or Inner Guide that Utilizes Who You Are.

INFJ Intuition eBook

How INFJ Personality Types Can Use Their Intuition or Inner Guide


“This e-book was so helpful! I learned many things about my INFJ personality that will definitely help me in all aspects of my life. I plan on re-reading it over and over during the course of the next few months just to hone in on all the valuable lessons and information included.  I can’t wait until I can really listen to my intuition all the time!”
Julia D., Tucson, AZ

Who Would Benefit from the INFJ Intuition or Inner Guide eBook?

If you want to increase your already natural ability to tap into a higher source (God, intuition, inner guidance, a gut feeling, Universe, Spirit, Divine, or whatever you want to call it) that can give you…

  • A solution to any problem or difficulty that you are facing.
  • An immediate understanding of something you didn’t have before—a moment of clarity.
  • More glimpses or snapshots of what will happen in the future.
  • A deeper meaning behind everything you see, hear, touch, taste, and smell, or even think.

Or if you want to…

  • Improve your already natural ability to use your intuition or inner guide.
  • End your struggle with trying to fit in.
  • Learn how to handle your need to be in control.
  • Deal with conflict easier.
  • Break painful patterns, like judging yourself and others.

“I really enjoyed “How INFJs Personality Types Can Use Their Intuition or Inner Guide.” It provided deep insight and practical advice that was specific to my personality type. As I was reading so many “ah ha!” moments came to me. I finally understood why I do certain things but more importantly why they were holding me back. I love the easy solutions Vickie provides on how to unwind and the different ways to receive guidance from my intuition. I now feel more confident in using my intuition to make both small and big decisions in my life.”

Mindi B., Phoenix, AZ.

The Connectivity Seeker

About the INFJ Intuition eBook

This is an eBook in the form of a PDF file that shows those who identify with an INFJ personality type how to increase their ability to utilize their intuition or inner guide. It uses who you are and how you function to fine-tune your talent to access even more intuitive insights.

Here’s Some of What You Get

You’ll find out…

1  The benefits of honing your intuition or inner guidance and using it more often.

2  How to ask for and understand the deeper meaning behind what you feel.

3  How INFJs can relax to access their intuition easily, why it is so important, and different ways to do it without changing who you are.

4  Various ways INFJs receive their intuition or inner guidance.

5  How to know for sure when you are receiving an insight from your intuition or inner guide.

“We are living in an unprecedented time where listening to intuition is becoming increasingly important, yet much of what has been written about how to do that yields more questions than answers – because it tends to be “one size fits all.”  Vickie Champion’s guides for listening to your intuition based on Myers Briggs type fills the gap other resources leave wanting.  As an INFJ, I deeply resonated with what was written there specifically about how my intuition speaks to me, the pitfalls I am prone to, and how I can avoid or recover quickly from them.  This is a comprehensive work that provides insight, understanding, comfort and practical tools not only for recognizing and enhancing your intuition, but living a happier, more fulfilling life.  I highly recommend it – whether for yourself as an INFJ, or to better understand and relate to an INFJ in your life!”

Diane B., Phoenix, AZ

About Vickie Champion

I have been a life coach for 20 plus years, showing others how to trust their intuition or inner guidance (God, or any other term you would like to use for it) with their relationships, careers, and with just about anything else.

As an INFJ personality type, I tried various methods to access that higher source with little or no intuitive insights. Because others were successful, I often felt I was doing something wrong, and at times wanted to give up on trying altogether.

Then I had the fortune to meet a spiritual teacher who showed me how my personality type got intuitive insights and how to trust them. That made a world of difference! The best part of all was that I didn’t have to change who I was to access it.

Since then, I have learned how to take advantage of intuition or inner guidance to help others connect to theirs through years of research, discovery, and experience.

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“The INFJ booklet was very insightful and dead-on. She is compassionate and clearly wants to help people.”                        

Barbara O., Eugene, OR.

“I have found the INFJ Intuition eBook to be a tremendous and insightful tool.”

Patricia W., Albany, NY

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