Peace Course

Does This Describe You?

Do You Get More Overwhelmed, Worried, or Tense More Often than You Used to? 

Are You Judging or Blaming Others for What’s Happening? 

Do You Struggle with Staying Motivated or Being Excited About Things? 

Or, Are You Having a Difficult Time Keeping Up with all the Changes that are Occurring? 

If One or More of These Describes You Are Experiencing, this Self-Study Course is for You!

How to be at Peace in 2024

Self-Study Course


Who Would Benefit from this Course?

If you…

  • Feel less safe and secure.
  • Sometimes feel depressed and borderline hopeless.
  • Feel exhausted more often.
  • Seem distracted and not fully present.
  • Are letting day-to-day issues stress you out.
  • Aren’t looking forward to the future.
  • Find yourself getting angry or even slightly irritated daily.
  • Don’t laugh or see the humor as much as before.
  • Have a hard time figuring out if someone’s telling the truth or not.

About the Course

This course will help you see what’s happening in the world and your life differently. Instead of being stressed out and worried, you will learn how to be at peace with yourself, others, and all the changes that are occurring.

Within the course, there are explanations, exercises, affirmations, examples, and different techniques to help you be able to change your mindset and have peace with what’s occurring in 2024.


Here’s Some of What You Get


1  How we are being stressed, what is changing, and how it is affecting us.

2  Why we are being pushed out of our comfort zone.

3   How we usually deal with stress and why it’s not working as well now.

3  What causes our anger, sadness, worry, judgment, and controlling behaviors.

4  Ways to handle what’s happening with less aggravation.

5  What signs of the universe are and how we can use them during this stressful time.

6   How to make change less stressful.

7   Several uncommon ways to improve your intuitive and telepathic abilities.

8   How to feel content and at peace with ourselves, others, and the world around us.


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Vickie Champion

We are absolutely living in a challenging time!

There have been several days and even weeks, that I didn’t know which way was up, let alone get insights about what was happening to us. Every day we are being bombarded by constant changes in every direction. Since I have been a life coach for over 20 years, I haven’t seen it so challenging for so many at once.

Even though at times it seems to be getting worse, it is clear to me that I am working myself out of a fearful and judgmental mindset into a totally loving and peaceful mindset. Sharing my insights with others helps me with this process.


If you can’t decide today, take a look at my Inner Work or Intuition blogs and videos. See if they resonate with you!