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How INFP Personality Types Can Use Their Intuition or Inner Guide eBook

Does This Describe You?

Do you cherish your freedom and flexibility?

Are you creative and do you enjoy getting lost in your imagination?

Does it feel like you are on a constant adventure of self-discovery?

Do you believe everything is connected somehow and that anything is possible?

Maybe you love change and will do almost anything once.


These are All Common Traits for INFP Pesonality Types!

Learn a Way to Take Advantage of Your Intuition or Inner Guide that Utilizes Who You Are.


The Nonconforming Dreamer

How INFP Personality Types Can Use Their Intuition or Inner Guide eBook


Who Would Benefit from the INFP Intuition or Inner Guide eBook?

If you want to increase your already natural ability to tap into a higher source (God, intuition, inner guidance, a gut feeling, Universe, Spirit, Divine, or whatever you want to call it) that can give you…

  • A solution to any problem or difficulty that you are facing.
  • An immediate understanding of something you didn’t have before—a moment of clarity.
  • More Glimpses or snapshots of what will happen in the future.
  • A deeper meaning behind everything you see, hear, touch, taste, and smell, or even think.

Or if you want to…

  • End your self-doubt.
  • Have more freedom and flexibility.
  • Experience less disappointment.
  • Have help with making decisions.
  • Break painful patterns, like judging yourself.

“Vickie Champion’s INFP guide for listening to your intuition is fantastic!  I have been a student and practitioner of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator for years and have yet to run across a guide that speaks to the deeper, more spiritual implications of the instrument while offering such practical tools.  In addition to learning to discern and listen to your intuition, you’ll gain insight about how you can use it to avoid (or recover from) the specific pitfalls you are most likely to fall into as an INFP.  You’ll also learn what you can do to experience more of the fulfilling kind of moments in life we all want to enjoy more often.  And if INFP is not your specific type, reading this guide will help you better understand and relate to anyone in your life who is.”

Diane B., Phoenix, AZ.

“Well this has been a great read and incredible informative! I love how to-the-point it is. Very easy to digest.”

Haley M., Los Angeles, CA.

About the INFP eBook

This is a 75-page book in the form of a PDF file that shows those who identify with an INFP personality type how to increase their ability to utilize their intuition or inner guide. It uses who you are and how you function to fine-tune your talent to access insights from that higher source.

Here’s Some of What You Get…                                                                                                               

You’ll find out…

  • The benefits of honing your intuition or inner guidance and using it more often.
  • How to ask for and understand the deeper meaning behind what you sense.
  • How INFPs can relax to access their intuition easily, why it is so important, and different ways to do it without changing who you are.
  • Various ways INFPs receive their intuition or inner guidance.
  • How to know for sure when you are receiving an insight from your intuition or inner guide.

“I very much enjoyed reading the INFP ebook.  It helped me to really appreciate the value of being in the moment and to delve more deeply into my intuition.  It also deeply resonated – and seems to have opened some doors for me.”

Ryan B., Phoenix, AZ.

About Vickie Champion

I have been a life coach for over 20 years, showing my clients how to trust their intuition or inner guide with their relationships, money issues, business decisions, and with just about anything else.

Being an INFJ personality type, I’ve always had a deep desire to be able to tap into a higher source on a constant basis. For years, I tried the latest methods with little or no results. I felt I was always doing something wrong.

But, in the early 90s I had the fortune to meet a spiritual teacher who showed me how I get intuitive insights and how to trust them. The best part was that I didn’t have to change who I was to access them.

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