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Most of Us Will Have to Face a Hero’s Journey in 2024

There comes a time in most of our lives when we are asked to go out of our comfort zone and stretch beyond what we think is possible. A time when something is pulling our lives in a completely different direction, causing us stress. So much stress that it is extremely hard, if not impossible, to turn back to the way our lives used to be, or even to slightly change the direction.

This pull is easier to deal with when we understand the process and become aware that most of us go through a hero’s journey at least once, if not several times, in our lifetime.

The Purpose

The purpose for the hero’s journey is simple: we are confronted with a task that gives us the opportunity to become a hero in our own lives—someone who showed courage, that we respect, and admire.


Here’s an Overview of a Hero’s Journey…



An External Calling…

Sometimes the calling begins with a tragic event or a predicament we’re facing—an external pressure. It is something that abruptly happens, throws us off guard, and spins our life in a different direction.

It could be…

  • A recession.
  • Experiencing violence or a criminal act.
  • The near extinction of our profession.
  • Concerning a loved one, such as a sudden illness or a death.
  • Losing a home.
  • A severe car accident.
  • Being fired or laid off from a job.
  • An unexpected breakup.
  • An act of mother nature/extreme weather.
  • A sudden financial hardships.
  • Being unfairly treated. 
  • Or anything else that traumatizes or shocks us.


An Internal Calling…

Then sometimes the calling begins more subtle. An internal calling most often occurs to people who pay attention to how they feel, do their inner work, and practice using their inner guidance or intuition.

It’s a feeling of…

  • Discontent and uneasiness, and extremely hard to pinpoint at first. Something doesn’t quite feel right, like a yearning of some sort to be filled—something that rises up from deep within.
  • Depression or borderline hopelessness.
  • Exhaustion or being burnt out.
  • Enthusiasm, eagerness, or excitement about something or someone.

With Both…

With both beginnings, the calling’s pull makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to turn back. We may not like it, but we know deep inside, this different direction—wherever it takes us and however long it takes—is destined and is our mission to complete.



We have the tendency to avoid, resist, or fight against the call, trying desperately to return back to the way our life used to be—to our comfort zone. We are scared to death that we are going to lose all the good things we have going for us, and that our departure from our old way of living will lead to our demise.

Along with observing our life being pulled in a completely different direction, there is a tremendous amount of doubt about whether we are capable of our mission and even completing the journey.

Rejecting the call can last for years until we stop doubting, avoiding, resisting, and fighting it.

All we have to do is jump in and make a commitment to our mission and the journey, wherever it takes us.

When we commit and mean it, the fear subsides—and is replaced by a feeling of relief that we are now beginning our new path.



Once we commit to the journey, divine guidance appears. We come across seasoned travelers who give us training, tools, and advice that will help us on the journey—and most of all, teach us how to use supernatural aids.

During this time we may get serious about relying on a Higher Source.  We could also experience unusual phenomena, such as signs from the universe, telepathy, hearing inner voices, vivid dreams, and increased psychic abilities.



As the journey continues we are asked to leave the comfort of our old way of living and take the plunge into the unknown, where the rules and limits are not known.

An example could be caring for a loved one full time, cutting up our credit cards, moving to a different city, quitting a job, changing our career, breaking up with our current relationship, or anything that we would not normally have done.

Almost always it is closing a door before the next door opens—an act of faith.

We have no idea of what will be involved, and how we will even survive. No one crosses the threshold for us or helps us, and we are on our own.



There is usually a strong attraction to go back. We might be tempted to ignore our quest, hope we can stay where we are after all, and pray that the pull for a new life will completely disappear. The old familiar lifestyle and our comfort zone tempts us.

With every temptation we indulge in we realize the pleasures and comfort are not the gifts we once thought they were and are not satisfying at all. They were just illusions of safety and pleasure.

Temptations could be trying to reconnect with old friends, moving back home, going back to the old career, or trying to get back with the ex. Also, we could be tempted to relapse back into addictions or habits, such as people pleasing.

We learn that relying on a Higher Source and using our supernatural aids can slay the dragons or temptations—time and time again.

Each victory builds faith, enhances the feeling that nothing is impossible, and gives us momentary glimpses of a hero’s life.



The journey keeps taking us inward to the most dangerous spot, to confront our greatest fears and inner demons head-on. It might appear we have been swallowed up and eaten alive. But really, we have only allowed the death of our fearful ego-self and let the fearless higher self rise up and come into power.

We realize our greatest fear was only a smoke screen hiding what we always knew—that we have been unlimited and important all along. There was nothing to fear after all!!!



We, the hero in our own life, take possession of the prize we won by facing our inner demons.  There is no more fear—no more feeling inadequate or insignificant!!!

We come out transcendent and beyond our limitations.



Shortly after receiving our reward, we are asked to go back to the ordinary world. We then become a seasoned traveler who gives others training, tools, and advice that will help them on their own hero’s journey.

And the most important thing of all, to shine a light

so bright it lights their way!!!


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