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“How to Be at Peace in 2024” Winter Online Live Classes

Have you noticed that life is nothing like it used to be? Sometimes it’s hard to catch your breath before another change occurs. Events are happening so fast now.

You’re probably aware that you aren’t as passionate or interested in anyone or anything. You’re likely struggling to have clarity and stay focused on any one thing for very long.

It’s tough to go out in public and not be on guard. Maybe you’re watching out for erratic drivers, wanting to stay clear of unpleasant encounters, or trying to avoid bullets.

And most likely, you didn’t think budgeting or cutting your expenses would start being a way of life, or at least to this extent.

Then there is the threat of AI soon affecting most industries and the way they do business.

To top it off, everyone seems to be angry or at least on edge, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

There is no doubt about it, 2024 will be a very stressful time for many of us.

Who Would Benefit from this Class…

If You…

  • Get more overwhelmed, worried, or tense more often than you used to.
  • Judge or blame others for what’s happening in the world.
  • Have a difficult time with change.
  • Feel less safe and secure.
  • Sometimes feel depressed and borderline hopeless.
  • Seem distracted and not fully present.
  • Are letting day-to-day issues stress you out.
  • Aren’t looking forward to the future.
  • Find yourself getting angry or even slightly irritated
  • Are not as excited or enthused about things like you were before Covid-19 began.
  • Don’t laugh or see the humor as much with others.
  • Struggle with staying
  • Have a hard time figuring out if someone’s telling the truth or not.

About the Classes

These interactive classes will help you see what’s happening in the world and your life differently. Instead of being stressed out and worried, you will learn how to be at peace with yourself, others, and all the changes that are occurring.

Each class will have questions, explanations, discussions, and examples that will explore what is changing in our world and ourselves.


“I recently finished a series of Vickie’s classes and she is fabulous! As an educator myself, my standards are quite high. Her approach is unique and thought provoking. She introduces humor and validates our ideas. Vickie provides tools which we can all use quite easily. I am grateful to have found her.” Corinne B.

“Vickie encourages self-reflection by posing thought-provoking questions, fostering a safe space where answers can be given without fear of judgment. She finds amusement in the revealed vulnerabilities, embracing their inherent humanness. Recognizing and vocalizing our thoughts and feelings promotes awareness.” Connie K.


We Will Cover…

1  How we are being stressed, what is changing, and how it is affecting us.

2  How we usually deal with stress and why it’s not working as well now.

3  What causes our anger, sadness, worry, judgment, and controlling behavior.

4  Ways to deal with what’s happening that are effective.

5   How to forgive ourselves and others without having to sacrifice.


“I just completed a series of Vickie’s classes. What an amazing class! Vickie is a wonderful instructor and I met awesome and interesting people in the class. I learned that we all have our own difficulties (no one is immune) and we all handle things differently. All the class participants shared and I learned so much from them, and Vickie, that I can apply to my life.” Kelly L.


What Is Required to Attend This Class…

  • To be fluent in English.
  • To believe in God or a Higher Power.
  • Have the willingness to participate in class. This is NOT a webinar where you can sit back and listen to a speaker talking.
  • Come to the classes in a distraction-free space.


5 Classes Every Other Week on

Wed Morning

Jan 10th & 24th, Feb 7th & 21st,  and March 6th (Each is 60 minutes long)

9 a.m. PT / 10 a.m. MT / 11 a.m. CT / or 12 p.m. ET


Thurs Evening

Jan 11th & 25th, Feb 8th & 22nd, and March 7th (Each is 60 minutes long)

5 p.m. PT / 6 p.m. MT / 7 p.m. CT / or 8 p.m. ET


(Credit, Debit Card, Zelle, or Venmo)

Do not let a lack of money prevent you from contacting me. I will charge on a sliding scale for those who qualify.

It is limited to 6 participants.

Contact Vickie if you’re interested, and I will tell you how to enroll or answer any of your questions.