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Announcing a New QUIZ on Being Stressed Out in 2023


Is the Changing World of 2023 Stressing You Out?

To many of us, the beginning years of the 2020s have been the most stressful period in our lives. It seems like we are being hit from every angle with something changing every day, such as…

  • Erratic drivers
  • Extreme weather
  • Shootings, theft, and other violence
  • Politics (of course)
  • Inflation
  • The speed of AI
  • Job loss
  • Businesses closing their doors
  • Businesses changing the way they operate
  • Professions and industries changing or disappearing
  • Debt or/and the need to budget
  • War
  • Union strikes
  • Corruption
  • Misleading or biased information

And it doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon.

Are You Letting It Get to You?

Is the Changing World of 2023 Stressing You Out?

Are you having a difficult time dealing with what’s happening and how everything seems to be changing? Take this QUIZ now.


Also Announcing a New Section on my Website

About Inner Work

This Section Has…

  • The Definition of Inner Work
  • 3 QUIZZES that will Help You with Your Inner Work
  • Why it is Important to Do Our Inner Work in 2023
  • Some Blogs About Inner Work
  • The Advantages of Doing Inner Work
  • “How to be at Peace in 2023” Online Classes
  • What Doing Inner Work is Learning How to Do
  • What Doing Inner Work Involves
  • About my Life Coaching

If you need help with your inner work, contact Vickie Champion for an initial coaching and consulting session at a discounted price.