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Does Your Twin Flame Coach or Psychic Make You Feel Worse?

There are a lot of coaches, and psychics out there, especially those not experiencing a twin flame relationship themselves, who could constantly make you feel beaten down. One time maybe, but if you feel worse most of the time, it probably isn’t helping you to have a happy outcome with your twin flame journey.

Here Are Some Signs You Might Want to Reconsider Hiring Them Again…

When they…

  • Make you feel you are doing or have done something wrong. Most twin flames are already hard enough on themselves without reinforcements.
  • Tell you your twin flame is doing or has done something wrong. If you even halfway believe what your coach or psychic told you, it makes it really hard to overlook what they said and unconditionally love your twin flame.
  • Become defensive and argue with you. You want someone you feel you can talk to about almost anything.
  • Leave you confused and feeling lousy. Your coach or psychic is supposed to give you insights to navigate this extremely difficult relationship, as well as energize and inspire you. Sometimes they may say things you don’t want to hear, but in a loving way.

Another Thing to Consider

You may have the habit of twisting things around to make yourself feel worse no matter who writes or says what. If so, reread or relisten to the materials, notes, or recordings to assist you in understanding where they’re coming from without that habitual negative filter. And, always use your own intuition or inner guide to get more clarity.

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