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Can Psychics Confirm Our Twin Flame or Predict the Timeline?

Since this is a two part question, I will discuss them separately. I will start with the most important part, which is knowing if they actually are your twin flame and then go to if psychics can accurately predict when you will have them in your arms.


Can Psychics Confirm Your Twin Flame Relationship for You?

Probably, the most asked questions psychics receive concerning relationships is,

“Are they my twin flame?”

Can Psychics Confirm Your Twin Flame Relationship?

Absolutely! But, there are some things you need to consider before you buy into whatever answer they tell you.

  • Just like everyone else, psychics have things to learn and issues to overcome, such as how to improve their intuitive abilities or end their people-pleasing tendencies.
  • Most of them have not experienced a twin flame relationship themselves.
  • They may not believe in the twin flame concept or have a different definition of it than you, which can make their answer a little biased.

The Problem with the Psychic’s Answer

Whether you get a NO, YES, or even a MAYBE answer, it doesn’t usually give us the lasting relief we were expecting. Sometimes our doubt appears as soon as the reading is over. Sometimes our doubt creeps back in gradually over a few days. Sometimes, but rarely, it takes over a week to rear its ugly head.

Nevertheless, when our doubt does surface, there is a tendency for us to reach out again to get another reading.

The Reason the Answer Won’t Give Us Lasting Relief

1   No Matter What the Answer Is, it Will Usually Bring Up Some Fear. With a YES answer we could be afraid we are not worthy of our twin flame or that the relationship won’t satisfy us. With a NO answer, we could be afraid we have been wrong all along or that a higher source is playing a cruel trick on us. With a MAYBE answer, we could be afraid we are wasting our time on the wrong person.

2  The Answer Doesn’t Guarantee a Happy Outcome. It’s how we are going to perceive the answer and what we are going to do with it that makes the difference—not the answer itself.

3  The Answer Doesn’t Usually Help Us do Our Inner Work. Finding our twin flame is only an itsy-bitsy part of the twin flame journey. Almost all of the relationship rewards come from really learning how to love ourselves and someone else unconditionally.

4   Being Absolutely Certain We Have Found Our Twin Flame is an Inside Job. We will have an undeniable feeling or a “knowing” that won’t go away no matter how hard we try to get rid of it. Nothing outside of ourselves can provide that for us.

The Solution

Psychics can be very helpful on our journey. But remember, real certainty if you have found your twin flame or not only comes from WITHIN. In the end, only you will know if that person is the “one.”


Can Psychics Predict When We Will be with Our Twin Flame?

For most of us who attract twin flame relationships, one of our burning questions for the psychic is,

“When are we going to be with our twin flame?”

Here’s the Problem…

Even if the psychic is bold enough to give us a time frame, if we are genuinely in a twin flame relationship, it never seems to be accurate.

The Reason Why…

Psychics usually read the energy in the moment. For most people who have little desire to do inner work, and have repetitive thought patterns, it’s easier for psychics to forecast their future.

Because every thought we think has an effect in our lives, if we keep thinking the same thoughts over and over, we will get pretty much the same effects. That makes it easy for psychics to predict correctly.

Three Ways Twin Flames Make it Difficult for Psychics

1   For a twin flame, the thoughts bounce from ego-driven to love-driven quite often, which makes it harder for the psychic.

2   Twin flames are mentally and spiritually connected. Therefore, every thought each twin flame thinks can likely change the effects for both.

3   Another thing that makes it difficult for the psychic is that twin flames are constantly being prodded and pushed by a higher source (God, Higher Power, Spirit, Source, Divine, or any other term you want to use) into doing more and more inner work. That keeps the energy moving at a faster pace.

To Sum it Up

I haven’t heard of any twin flames yet, including myself, who have gotten an accurate time frame about “when we will be with our twin flame.”

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