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Is Your Twin Flame Coach or Psychic Urging You to Let Go?

Do you feel like something is “wrong” with you because you can’t detach from your twin flame? If your twin flame coach, psychic, or spiritual advisor is nudging you to let go or detach from your twin flame, read on.

About Twin Flame Coaches, Psychics, or Spiritual Advisors

1  Some, especially mainstream therapists and religious clergy, probably don’t even believe in the concept of twin flame relationships.

2   Many have no idea what it feels like to be in a twin flame relationship. The intensity at times can almost be unbearable.

3   They might treat your relationship like an ordinary obsessive relationship where “normal” suggestions and therapies work well. With probably any other type of relationship, it can be done. But if you are in a true twin flame relationship, good luck with that.  It’s like trying to let go of yourself.

4   Most don’t know that people who attract twin flame relationships have tried detaching, probably dozens of times in every way possible way—physically, mentally, and spiritually.  The intensity of the twin flame energy can get so strong that twin flames will do anything to try to get away from it.

What Now?

1   Make sure you are really in a twin flame relationship and not in an ordinary obsessive relationship. Both can have similar effects on you, especially at the beginning of the relationship. Check out my Are You Unsure? Section or take this Still Unsure Found Your Twin Flame QUIZ.

2   Really try with all your might to detach, and for more than a few days. Those who are stuck in an obsessive relationship won’t usually attempt detaching or they will half-ass it.

3   Pay attention to the sessions with your twin flame coach, psychic, or spiritual advisors. Are you starting to dread your sessions? Do you cringe when they tell you, that you need to “let go,” yet again? At the end of the sessions, do you feel worse? Or do you feel something is “wrong” with you for not being able to detach? Those are signs you might need to do something different.

Are You Ready to Try Something Else?

I have a Twin Flame Self-study Course that shows you how to shorten the timeline and navigate the relationship for a happy outcome. For more details.

If you want to improve your ability to sense your twin flame’s thoughts and emotions, check out my Twin Flame Telepathy eBook.

Also, I’ve just added Intuition eBooks for two of the Myers-Briggs personality types that are common for twin flames, INFJ and INFP.   

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