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What’s Made Loneliness a Chronic Issue Since Covid-19 Began?

Of course, we could put ALL the blame on Covid-19 and all the isolation that has come with it. But there is more to it than being able to interact with others face-to-face. Covid-19 just pushed our already existing problem with feeling lonely to the surface so we’ll have to address it.

For years most of us have been trying to cope with our loneliness by staying crazy busy. Even the experts often suggest taking action and doing lots of things to deflect that horrible feeling. Maybe we could join a dating service and date all sorts of potential partners. Or we could make long to-do lists and preoccupy ourselves with checking things off. Perhaps we can do something that even takes more of our time, getting in the habit of people pleasing.

The question you want to ask yourself is this, “Is staying busy getting rid of my loneliness, or is it a way of trying to tolerate it?”

If staying busy is getting rid of your loneliness and you want to continue that pace, don’t read any further. But if staying busy is only a way to keep your loneliness at bay, read on.

The Solution to Loneliness

To relieve that horrible, isolated feeling we have to look at our thoughts.

Loneliness comes from our thoughts.

If we are thinking thoughts about what we don’t have, blaming ourselves or others for the current situation, judging the past, or making up future catastrophic scenarios, it’s extremely hard to not feel that horrible feeling of isolation. Our negative thoughts separate us from God or a Higher Power, others, and the world around us.

When we take time to observe our inner monologue and replace even some of those negative separating thoughts, then the loneliness begins to disappear. All we have to do is get in the practice of thinking loving thoughts about others, being grateful for what we do have, or do positive affirmations. Then watch the loneliness fade away.

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