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Why You Don’t Need to Rethink Your Twin Flame Relationship

There is no doubt about it, the world is changing at a superfast pace. New ways of doing practically everything, including relationships, are developing quickly. At the same time, things we could count on in the past are disappearing in front of our eyes.

So, it may seem like a very good time to reassess your twin flame relationship since everything else is changing. However, there might be some reasons you are reluctant to include it with the others.

Reasons for Not Rethinking Your Twin Flame Relationship Now…

When You…

1   Want to wait until other parts of your life settle down.

2   Are afraid of making any changes, even if they are for the better.

3   Still want your relationship to be “normal” like everyone else’s.

4   Have no desire to give up your devices that stop you from feeling. This could be food, pills, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, caffeine, impulse buying, keeping crazy busy, binge watching, texting, social media, or hundreds of other distractions.

5   Operate mostly on auto-pilot, not paying attention to your thoughts, your emotions, or your state of mind.

6   Would rather sit back on your laurels and let your twin flame do all the inner work.

7   Are adamant about doing things the way you’ve always done them, even when things are clearly not working.

8   Get upset when something changes.

9   Don’t feel worthy of a happy outcome with your relationship.

10   Feel you won’t get what you truly want. So why take time to rethink your relationship!

11   Don’t want to slow down and take more quiet time.

12   Have no desire to improve your ability to be aware of your intuition or follow it.

13   Are not ready to let go of your identity or how you define yourself, afraid you will lose yourself or your value. Your identity could be as a wife or husband, single, a member of a religious group, or any other way.


To achieve a lasting happy outcome, it’s almost guaranteed that we will have to re-evaluate our twin flame relationship at different times. When we ignore or prolong reassessing our relationship, it usually makes our twin flame journey drag out and be more unpleasant.

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