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What’s God’s Part in a Rapidly Changing World?

Ever since Covid-19 appeared, it seems time is flying by faster than ever. Every day there is something new with politics (of course), the economy, diseases, deaths, inflation, migration, housing, changing careers, or hundreds of other things.

What fascinates me is that hardly ever is God (Higher Power, intuition, Divine, Spirit, Holy Spirit, or any other term you want to call the higher source that can make sense of this) mentioned, let alone discussed at length.

How do people go through the stress of these rapid changes without believing in God or a Higher Power? I can’t. And if they do believe, why don’t they mention it?

Here’s What God or a Higher Power Does for Me…


  • Gives me insights and guidance about anything I am curious or concerned with.
  • Never fails in getting me out of my doubt and fear, when I call for it.
  • Helps me choose love and get rid of my rigid beliefs about what is the right thing to do and what is the wrong thing to do.
  • Teaches me how to expand my gratitude and have lots more faith.
  • Makes this time in my life not so doom and gloom.
  • Helps me accept what’s happening, instead of letting me waste time trying to resist it.
  • Shows me how to truly forgive myself and others.
  • Helps me master new ways to connect with others—beyond what I can physically see and touch, or through spoken or writing words.
  • Comforts me when I need it.
  • Teaches me how to accept love like I never knew before.
  • Guides me to let go of trying to control what’s happening, and instead sit back and watch it unfold in a way that everyone will benefit from.

For many of us, this time has been the most stressful period in our lives. But it could also be the most enlightening and worthwhile experience we’ve ever had, like our own hero’s journey.

All you need to do is let God or a Higher Power be your guide through the twists, turns, ups and downs of this rapidly changing world.

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