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Twin Flames: What Would Tempt You to Not Tell the Truth

Nowadays, it seems like not telling the truth has become almost normal and even expected, especially telling white lies or keeping some secrets.

Here’s Some Reasons You Might be Tempted to Not Tell the Truth to Your Twin Flame…

When You…

  • Want to avoid unnecessary conflict.
  • Are ashamed of the truth.
  • Think you can escape punishment.
  • Believe you can hurt other people and others can hurt you by telling the truth.
  • Want to follow what is accepted and customary to society.
  • Believe not telling the truth is kinder than telling the truth.
  • Want to strengthen your stories by exaggerating.
  • Have a deep desire to please your twin flame.
  • Want to avoid being criticized.

The Problem

Not telling your twin flame the truth is a clear sign you are not ready for a deep, unconditional loving relationship with yourself or your twin flame.

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