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Disadvantages of Not Telling the Truth to Your Twin Flame

Nowadays, not telling the truth has become an epidemic and almost normal, whether it’s a slight exaggeration, telling white lies, keeping secrets, or outright misleading others. So, it might be tempting to follow suit with your twin flame. Here’s some reasons it may not be a good idea.

Not Telling the Truth to Your Twin Flame…

1   Causes fear of being found out. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, every lie, no matter how small, puts us on guard. And they add up.

2   Lowers our self-esteem a notch every time we do it. How can we feel worthy of our twin flame relationship if we are afraid to acknowledge the truth?

3   Makes it difficult to have a deep meaningful relationship. Twin flame relationships are built on honesty and disclosure.

4   Is a short-term fix. Not being honest eventually affects other parts of our life also, such as our health, career, finances, other relationships, and most of all, our ability to be happy.

5   Like attracts like. If we hide the truth from our twin flame, we will find that our twin flame will be tempted to hide the truth from us. They are our mirror.

Here’s the funny thing. There are ways to be honest that don’t sabotage or delay a happy outcome with your twin flame and don’t hurt anyone in any way—including you.

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