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10 Ways to Define Being Yourself

Don’t you hate it when someone tells you to be yourself? You immediately get confused. It’s like they’re talking to you in some foreign language. What in the heck does “be yourself” mean?

Here Are Some Ways to Explain Being Yourself…

Being yourself is…

  • Being emotionally accessible and wide open.
  • Letting go of your defenses and winging it.
  • Being completely honest with yourself and others.
  • No longer having the need to hide the truth.
  • Having the courage to be imperfect.
  • Accepting yourself exactly the way you are.
  • Allowing deep joy and connection.
  • Opening up for greater personal and spiritual growth.
  • Following your inner guide or intuition.
  • Not having to do something to feel worthy and deserving.

Do you want help “being yourself?”

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