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When is it Time to Stop Chasing Your Twin Flame?

Most twin flame relationships have experienced the runner/chaser pattern to some extent. Some chasers try to reach out to their twin flame two or three times a day, or at the least, on a steady basis. Then there are some who hardly ever try to contact their twin flame.

There is nothing wrong with the runner/chaser pattern! For many twin flame couples, it is part of the process to learn how to unconditionally love each other. But there comes a time when the pattern becomes a habit and is not as beneficial in bringing about the twin flame union. Let’s take a look at when it could be time to put an end to the pattern.

It’s Time to Stop Chasing Your Twin Flame…

When you…

1   Are first and foremost, trying to prove to yourself and to others that you have found your twin flame. In other words, you are primarily focused on being RIGHT. You know what this means, don’t you? You were probably obsessed with someone who you thought would fill your needs, so you started chasing them.

2   Become aware that using 3rd dimension forms of reaching out (what you can see, hear, and touch) isn’t working very well. That’s how most people in normal relationships try to communicate, whether it’s visual, verbal, written, or being in physical proximity.

3   Are so tired of the predictable pattern that you start casting blame on your twin flame or yourself for the separation.

4   Feel like you are begging or feel worse about yourself when you pursue your twin flame. That could easily compound the feeling that you are unworthy of what you want.

5   Can feel that your twin flame is scared to death of you or the intense connection. Continuing the chase can easily increase their fear, which actually strengthens the runner/chaser pattern.

6   Realize that you can’t screw up the union. If you are supposed to have a relationship physically together that is lasting, then it will happen. If you are not, it won’t. Your chasing will not affect the outcome.

7   Ignore trying to utilize your intuitive skills to the maximum. For anything to become a habit, you have to put intuitive insights aside in order to stay in your chasing comfort zone.

Summing it Up

The runner/chaser pattern is meant to get you alone so you will be motivated to do the inner work needed for a lasting happy outcome, not to ingrain a painful pattern.

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