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INFJ Personality Types, Want to Optimize Your Intuition?

Have you ever wondered why some methods to tap into your intuition or inner guidance don’t give you the results others just rave about? Are there some intuitive methods you can’t get yourself motivated to do no matter how hard you try? Or maybe you struggle with being sure if the messages are coming from your intuition or not?

Out of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types, INFJs are supposed to be the most inclined to use their intuition or inner guidance. So, you would think it would be easy for INFJs to receive and be confident enough to always follow those intuitive messages.

In all the years I have been coaching, my emphasis has been on showing others how to trust their intuition or inner guide concerning their relationships, money issues, business decisions, and just about anything else.

Sometimes the methods I suggested worked like a charm. Sometimes the methods got some results for them, but it didn’t feel natural. And sometimes it was hard to get them to even try what I suggested.

There must be an easier, more efficient way to get others to tap into and trust their intuition. Recently, I got an “aha” moment about customizing how each personality type can utilize their intuitive skills to the fullest, which takes their ability to tap in to a new level!

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How INFJ Personality Types Can Use Their Intuition or Inner Guide



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