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Signs You Might Have an INFP Personality Type

Finding out which of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types you lean towards, gives you a direction to unlocking who you are and your preferences, like having a basic compass. It just gives you a direction, leaving out the thousands and thousands of individual variations.

Of course, taking the Myers-Briggs test is the best way to find out for sure what your personality type is. But if you want to try to figure it out on your own, this might help you.

I divided these into two sections, the main signs and the not-so-obvious signs. If you don’t identify with the main ones, you probably lean towards another personality type.

Main Signs That You Might Have an INFP Personality Type…

INFPs Tend to…

1   Be nonconformists. They have a strong desire to be independent from others and have no desire to be normal.

2   Believe everything is connected and search for the deeper meaning behind everything.

3   Like change and will try anything once.

4   Take time to explore and examine their choices carefully before making a decision.

5   Desire emotional intimacy. They want to develop deep, authentic one-on-one relationships.

6   Have overactive imaginations, with lots of creative ideas.

7   Have a strong inner world, knowing their own core beliefs and values—and try to always operate from them.

Not-so-Obvious Signs You Might Have an INFP Personality Type

INFPs Tend to…

1   Lean towards experiences that awaken or intensify feelings of passion, inspiration, or connection.

2   Have a hard time enjoying the moment. They are mostly future oriented.

3   Be interested in what’s hiding behind the five senses or the 3rd dimension.

4   Spend lots of time on self-reflection.

5   Look and find their twin flame

6   Thrive on freedom and flexibility.

7   Be advocates for those they feel are oppressed or misunderstood.

8   Have a hard time with criticism from others.

9   Struggle with extreme emotions, mainly because they feel other’s energies and emotions intuitively.

10   Pick up their intuition and creative ideas from the outside world.

11   Enjoy physical activities, especially in nature.

12   Have unrealistic expectations of themselves.

13   Be more attracted to the mental and spiritual than the material and concrete.

14   Be on an ongoing adventure of self-discovery and personal growth.

15   Have excellent listening skills.

16   Communicate often through their creativity.

17   Judge themselves terribly. They don’t judge others much, but they really judge themselves.

18   Be perfectionists, causing them to not give themselves enough credit.

19   Travel extensively.

20   Have a difficult time organizing tasks, streamlining systems, and being efficient.

If you identify with all of the main signs and most of the not-so-obvious signs, you are probably an INFP personality type. It’s estimated that less than 5% of the population are INFPs. No wonder so many feel that no one understands them.

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