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Psychic Predictions in the 3rd vs. 4th Dimension Mindset

Sometimes we think if we could have a crystal ball and could see into the future it would relieve our anxiety. If we just knew what was going to happen, we wouldn’t be so afraid. Or we could get terribly excited, if we just knew for sure. Right?

Did you ever think your mindset could be a large part of the psychic’s predictions? It can.

Here’s How the 3rd or the 4th Dimension can Affect Psychic Predictions…

3rd Dimension Mindset

The 3rd dimension mindset doesn’t like change and actually fights to keep  everything in their lives the same. Jumping out of their comfort zone is too frightening.

So, psychic readings tend to be accurate. The reader feels the energy and if the energy is almost always the same in the future months, their life will be nearly the same.

That being said, if you don’t like change, there is no need to get readings often, as the predictions will be nearly the same. There might be different people involved and slightly different situations, but the underlying pattern will be the same.

4th Dimension Mindset

The 4th dimension mindset practices listening and following their inner guide or intuition on a daily basis. They embrace and look forward to change, knowing it is always for the better.

That makes psychic predictions not easy to get accurate. The energy the reader feels is only for the present moment, and it could change easily the next day. To tell them how it will play out down the road is difficult, especially long term. Every time they follow their inner guide or intuition it changes future events.

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