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How to Disrupt a Twin Flame Relationship When You’re in Contact

Once we are physically communicating on a regular basis or get our twin flame in our arms, there is a tendency to want to make it into a typical 3rd dimension relationship.

The 3rd dimension mindset tries to CONTROL LOVE. This mindset thinks love is the ability to control our own and our twin flame’s behaviors with expectations, fear, compromise, sacrifice, obligations, promises, and most of all, guilt.

The 3rd Dimension Relationship is About….

  • Trying to please each other by constantly saying and doing things the other likes. That forces us into the habit of sacrificing and compromising.


  • Getting upset when our twin flame doesn’t say or do what we thought they would or expected.


  • Making promises to each other to try to control our own and our twin flame’s behaviors. We think that gives us security about the relationship’s future, even though they are extremely, if not impossible, to keep.


  • Telling white lies or hiding the truth so we can escape punishment and not hurt our twin flame’s feelings.


  • Moving into relying or being dependent on each other. There is no need to listen to God, a Higher Power, our intuition, or our inner guide. We have our twin flame! They will be everything to us!


  • Trying to make our twin flame feel guilty for hurting us. We want them to feel bad about what they did or didn’t do, or said or didn’t say. That way we don’t have to take responsibility for our perception of what happened.


  • Apologizing for wrongdoings and expecting our twin flame to do the same. Since this mindset is full of rules about what is right and what is wrong, placing blame, and feeling guilty, apologizing is often the perfect form of punishment.

Trying to CONTROL LOVE won’t work for very long! By the slim—and I do mean slim—chance the physical relationship does manage to last for any length of time, it will be absolutely miserable!

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