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Ways to Get Yourself Out of Fear, Anxiety, and Worry

With everything changing so quickly, it’s easy to stay awake worrying about what tomorrow will bring, get physically ill, or even have full blown anxiety attacks.

Here are Some Ways to Get Yourself Out of Fear, Anxiety, and Worry…

1   Playing or Listening to Music-

Music calms our nerves, changes our mood, and gives us amazing “aha” moments. The key is to pay attention to how you feel when playing or listening to your favorite songs. Do they make you feel better or worse?

If you get into songs that make you feel worse, it will escalate your fear making you more doubtful, insecure, angry, and downright depressed. Watch out for love songs! Most are written about love going wrong or the painful part of their relationship.

But, if you get into songs that make you feel better, it will make your fear disappear, making you more hopeful, relaxed, inspired, and able to listen to your inner guide or intuition.

2   Getting Physical-

Any form of physical activity can help. Repetitive exercises, such as walking, running, or riding a bike are especially good—not only for releasing the fear but also for awakening your intuition or inner guide. Many times, answers to problems come during physical activity. If you can get out in nature, that’s even better.

3   Decluttering-

Clearing out your physical space also helps clear out your fearful head space, leaving room for those intuitive solutions and ideas.

Lots of times we keep things hanging around that make us feel bad about ourselves or our lives. We don’t realize they can affect our state of mind. These items could be things that remind us of difficult relationships, regrets, bad experiences, and past mistakes.

4   Take Time to Ask-

Whenever we ask (God, Divine, Spirit, Universe, Intuition, Inner Guide or whatever else you want to call that higher power that knows way more than we do), we will receive. Sometimes just thinking or saying “help” relieves the fear.

5   Sitting in Silence and Doing Nothing-

Whether it’s staring out the window or sitting on the front porch listening to the birds, somehow it releases the fear and clears enough space for our intuition to awaken.

If these suggestions don’t relieve you, everywhere you turn there are methods and people to help get rid of the fear, worry, and anxiety. Just use your inner guidance and dig in to what feels right. I offer two more ways other than reading my blogs and videos…

Individual Coaching

Coaching consists of 45-minute sessions over the phone (within the United States and Canada). For a complimentary coaching and consulting session, contact Vickie Champion.

And the

Feel Worthy Self-Study Course

This self-study course helps you change the mindset you have about yourself and what’s happening in the world. You will be able to change your perspective to be free of fear, worry, and anxiety. For more details.