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Twin Flames: Can You Avoid Physical Separation?

Every twin journey is different, but it is almost inevitable that you will experience physical separation at some point. That’s probably why so many think it’s one of the twin flame stages. But if you were able to avoid physical separation, this is probably how you could do it.

You May be Able to Avoid Physical Separation if You…

1   Embrace change and look forward to all the ups, downs, twists and turns that will happen in the relationship.

2   Think you are one now and not separate individuals.

3   Always follow your inner guidance or intuition, no matter whether it makes sense of not.

4    Hardly ever experience fear, anger, sadness, feeling hurt, jealousy, disappointment, or guilty about anyone or anything.

5    Feel you are worthy and good enough for a tremendous amount of love, no mater what you look like or how you have behaved.

6   Have almost eliminated the need for stress relievers, such as pills, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, food, and caffeine.

7   Have learned how to enjoy every step of the twin flame journey, even what appears to be the bad things.

8   Have almost gotten rid of sabotaging habits such as trying to please others, hiding the truth, or staying crazy busy.

10   Stopped trying to make your twin flame relationship normal like other couples.

11   Let go of expectations.

And the most important one of all…

12   Don’t care if you are physically separated from your twin or not.

These 12 things emphasize the importance of doing enormous amounts of inner work. Remember the purpose of twin flame relationships is to bust through the 3rd dimension mindset (conditional love), and operate from the 4th dimension mindset (unconditional love).

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