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How Opening Your Chakras Can Help Your Twin Flame Relationship

The more inner work we do, the easier our twin flame relationship gets, especially when we are in a runner/chaser phase. There are hundreds of methods of inner work. Opening our chakras is one of them.

Any inner work we do helps our twin flame relationship, whether we immediately see evidence of it or not.

What are Chakras?

Chakras are energy centers in our body. When we hold onto regrets, blame, and negative emotions it blocks those energy centers. If chakras are open our energy flows, freely allowing love and happiness in. In other words, opening our chakras is one way to release our negativity, and accept love.

Here’s Some of the Advantages of Opening Your Chakras…

When we…

1   Need something to FOCUS on in MEDITATION. This might help those who have a difficult time sitting down, and doing nothing.

2   Need a VISUAL we can wrap our minds around. We can picture the different chakras in shapes, symbols, and colors.

3   Are highly SENSITIVE or EMPATHIC. Opening chakras can release other people’s (especially our twin flame’s) doubts and negativity, instead of taking it on with them.

4   Want to use our INNER GUIDANCE or INTUITION more. If we get the energy flowing, we are open to being aware of a greater wisdom about the relationship. That’s why psychics often make a practice of opening their chakras.

5    Experience physical or emotional INSTABILITY in the relationship. Opening chakras can help steady the extreme lows and intense highs so they are manageable.

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