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What About the Twin Flame Isolation?

Have you noticed along your twin flame journey that you are becoming more isolated and distant? Do you find yourself having less and less in common with your friends and family? Is your enthusiasm to attend social activities decreasing?

I even had a coaching client confess that during a lunch date with her longtime friend, she got up and politely left early.  She said she couldn’t make herself stay any longer and pretend to be interested in anything other than her twin flame. We did a session on her trying not to feel guilty about it.

The Purpose of the Twin Flame Isolation

I strongly believe we experience feeling isolated and distant because it is a way to get us focused on our inner work, which is learning to unconditionally love both ourselves and our twin flame in order to have a happy outcome. It’s like God or a Higher Power is taking away all the distractions to make us concentrate on our twin flame mission.

Are You Ready to do Your Twin Flame Inner Work?

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