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What Twin Flame Inner Work Involves

There are hundreds of ways to do your twin flame inner work. All consist of methods of releasing conditional love (3rd dimension mindset or ego) and operating from unconditional love (4th dimension mindset). There is no wrong way to do the spiritual and personal growth that is necessary for a lasting happy outcome with your twin flame.

But, if we half-ass anything we do to help our twin flame journey, we won’t get most of the benefits from it.

You get what you give.

To get the benefits of our inner work, we have to give all the focus we can muster to operate from unconditional love. It’s like jumping in head first and not coming come up for air until we actually feel the benefits.

Sometimes this means …

  • Rereading or hearing a (spiritual or personal growth) concept until we memorize it.
  • Reading, seeing, or hearing a concept explained a hundred different ways by a hundred different people.
  • Reading, watching, and listening to other’s stories about a concept.
  • Practicing a concept over and over until it comes naturally.
  • Putting our process in slow motion, like reading one sentence at a time and taking time to really reflect on it until it soaks in.
  • Talking to experts about a concept.

Here’s the Advantages of Doing Our Inner Work…

When we roll up our sleeves, really concentrate, and ponder a concept until it sinks in, we…

1   Open up to a different perspective of our relationship and everything else, releasing the need to judge.

2   Experience the absence of doubt, fear, guilt, and unworthiness.

3   Open the flood gates to all the unbelievable love that is in the relationship.

Are You Ready to Do More Inner Work?

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