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Are You Someone Who Doesn’t Need to Hire a Twin Flame Coach?

There are some people who would NOT benefit from hiring a twin flame coach, because it wouldn’t help!

Here are Some Signs We DON’T Need to Hire a Twin Flame Coach…

When we…

  • Appreciate our twin flame journey and wouldn’t exchange it for a normal relationship or anything else.
  • Pay attention to our inner guide or intuition throughout the day with various situations.
  • Are constantly stepping out of our comfort zone and noticing how our relationship has improved and evolved, even during the runner/chaser phases.
  • Look forward to every up, down, twist, and turn in our twin flame journey.
  • Have no indications of being impatient.
  • Practice forgiving everyone who upsets us in any way, even our twin flames current partner.
  • Have a really good relationship with our twin flame in the 4th dimension or ethers.
  • Have become psychic and very spiritual.
  • Don’t have doubts about the future of our relationship.

If you identify with these signs, don’t let anyone talk you into wasting your time and money on twin flame coaching—not unless you want to shorten your timeline for a happy outcome.

If you don’t identify with these signs, you can contact Vickie Champion for an initial coaching and consulting session for a discounted price.

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